Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Silent Song of the Heart!

Sitting under a chestnut tree she was lost in her own reverie; the coffee and the sandwiches lay there untouched on the smooth picnic cloth. It was a calm afternoon as the sun was subtle and the winds too blew almost quietly whispering amidst the deep hills. Some rabbits were busy playing hide and seek in the green lush bushes whilst the squirrels were busy gathering their nuts.

 It was not after sometime that her spell broke and she felt a familiar presence. Lifting her eyelids she stared at the most beautiful pair of dark brown eyes that were gleaming and equally gazing at her and lips that had a smile playing on them.

She was stupefied for a moment and fluttered her eyelashes when it dawned on her that she was not dreaming but he was here in reality. No pleasantries were exchanged as he made himself comfortable across her, pouring some coffee fending himself. He didn’t know if it was just a habit or on purpose that she always carried an extra cup of coffee or even meals with her, though he was rarely able to join her. Yet he liked this fact about her and it allured him all the more.        

Her cheeks had a tinge of red that glowed with her creamy skin, her big almond shaped hazel eyes peered in his and her petal like lips adorned a smile gracing his presence. Unlike other days today she wore a yellow summer dress, the one he liked and her hair were French braided and set on one side of her shoulder leaving the other bare.  

Silence was their ally at this present moment and they were comfortable with it though on certain days it irked her but bemused him seeing her usual calm self seething in anger. He waited patiently for her to break the hush that echoed. He was ideating her possible reaction when she suddenly spoke.

“It’s been long, isn’t it Nathan that we met like this?” she asked in a placid voice laced with sarcasm. He was neither shocked at her question nor her choice of tone but it did puzzle him.

“Almost six months to be precise”, he replied and fell silent. They had known the other since mid school yet it was a strange kind of relation between them neither were they friends nor lovers. It was not a matter of acknowledgement but escapism not from each other but oneself. It was rather weird that even now they studied in the same university but their paths hardly collided. She was training to be a psychologist whereas he was pursuing sailing. They were oddly different yet similar. 

“I missed you, Kate”, he spoke coming out of his thoughts. She was taken by surprise not by his words but with the intensity and depth of them. She knew what he meant nonetheless she replied, “You miss only those you forget, did you forget me?” throwing a question back at him before continuing “I didn’t miss you Nathan, I remembered you every waking second of my life.” The words took time to sink in and when they did he realized how vulnerable and attached they were to the other. Time, distance and even silence couldn’t separate them. That misunderstandings did rise but not at the cost of their relationship; it was not just friendship or mere romance that strengthened their bond but true companionship.

It was then that he spoke, “How can I forget? Can one forget to breathe and live!” her eyes grew moist for a moment as she interlaced her fingers with his resting her head on his heart.

Then all faded but the symphony of the serene heartbeats. 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brewing Desires!

Brewing Desires!

Though it was too early but she had nothing to do, being Sunday the whole day was spent idly doing chores she didn’t wish to do or reading novels. She thought of preparing an early dinner humming soft songs, she was stirring pots on one hand and kneading the dough on the other almost ready with the dinner. It was time for him to be back home when the winds started blowing and the clouds gathered and it felt that it could rain any minute; when she remembered that some of the clothes were left on the roof and went to fetch them.

The wind blew rashly and it was seemingly difficult to manage her sari and locks of hair that flew. In fleeting seconds the rain started falling in sheets and the very reason of collecting clothes was long forgotten. Lost in her own world she began dancing drenching to the core and reveling in the rains.  

The smell of earth, the thundering clouds and the dark sky with the droplets slashing the window and wallowing trees engulfed her and she basked like a kid.

Her sky blue cotton sari had clung to her like second skin becoming almost see-through with her wet hair cascading down her back. The sound of her bangles and anklets sounded like sweet melody as the bittersweet symphony reverberated throughout. 

This is how he found her when he reached the rooftop himself drenched from the rains and the tiredness in him slowly started seeping away. He was bewitched with his patience slipping away as he watched her from a distance hoping to catch her attention but all in vain. Slowly yet steadily he walked towards her hugging her wet form from behind, when he heard her gasp.

“Zaid”, she stiffened at first but then relaxed in his hold as she recognized the touch and let her head slump back to his shoulders, “When did you come? I didn’t expect you this soon!” 

 “Hmm…just some moments ago”, he replied all the while burying his face in the crook of her neck nuzzling and inhaling her scent. She could feel his warmth all around her and his heartbeats going intense even in that splattering rain. 

She tried to escape his hold and run but he buckled her back to himself holding her securely over the stomach by one hand while he entwined the other with hers.

“Let me go the clothes are soaking”, she pleaded her voice heavy and laden with helplessness and desire. She questioned herself, how could he manage to snap her self-control within seconds and that too just about every time but she never got an answer. 

Instead of leaving her or replying to her, he pressed his body more into her gently trailing his fingers down the entire length of her. The flimsy excuse of the sari she wore did nothing to help; neither did it conceal nor reveal yet it aroused him in ways and made him do things. She felt herself going weak and bit her lips to hold back the moan that threatened to escape.  

He slowly turned her towards him, brushing her hair aside cupping her reddened cheeks kissing her closed eyes and brushed his lips against hers. She fluttered her eyelashes, his gaze intoxicating a mixture of both love and lust that she could no longer resist. She hugged him closely giving herself completely wrapping her arms around his waist kissing his heart.

In one swift move, he lifted her in his arms and raced towards the bedroom with a teasing smile as she buried her face in his shoulder.

The clothes lay where they were long forgotten and the rain got more intense and thunderous with each passing minute.    


Monday, November 28, 2011

Nothing Else Mattered....

Nothing Else Mattered…

Sweet as sixteen,
Lavish was her living,
Innocent and carefree she was…
Eschewed from the worldly harm,
She was secure in her haven!

Rough and rugged,
Life was an utter mess,
Lost and forlorn he was…
Dying day in and day out,
Struggling to make ends meet!

Different like chalk and cheese they were,
Pride and honour she exuded,
And people watched her in awe…
Disgrace and derision trickled,
When he crossed the very same path!

Like a wisp of air,
She came in his crumpled life,
Caressing his dripping wounds…
Showering love and care,
She gave him a new life!

Hugs and kisses he smothered,
Saying money was not his pleasure,
Basking and gleaming in his love…
Missing the greed in his eyes,
She fantasized a fairytale!

Clouded by dismay and despair,
Her cries tore her apart,
Breaking her like glass…
Leaving her barren and frozen,
They now call her an ice maiden!

She had loved him dearly,
But he didn’t really care,
Wishful had turned wistful…
With tears pelting from her eyes,
Yet they couldn’t melt the hardened ice!

Lusting for her fortune,
Slitting her soul,
He walked in azure…
Blood dripping like rain,
The stains on his hands shined unashamed!

Devoid of emotions,
He was now a voracious soul,
Faltering in the neon red lights…
Drinking and squandering,
He gave himself to a wench!

Nothing was his and all in vain,
Laughing at his own madness,
He fuddled all day and night…
Losing his own self,
He walked the long dark abyss!

Squashed by his guilt,
Clutching his head he fell to the ground…
Tears blurring his vision,
He drowned in his pain…
Till death finally came!

- Fatima

Sunday, November 20, 2011

In The Blue of Night...

He extended his hands towards the fireplace to take in the brisk warmth; his eyes were fixed over the window on the snowflakes which were floating from the heavens dreamily. Their flow reminded him of her gait, she floated exactly like this and ever since their wedding he could hardly keep his hands off her. The thought brought a sly smile to his lips as he stood up slowly and stretched himself, perhaps he should try to warm his wife up a bit. A slight sound caught his attention and he turned around and saw her leaning against the door-frame with a slight smile lingering on her lips, the very sight of her roused him.

She was dressed in simple bare red sari with a golden low cut blouse that accentuated her curvy frame with just anklets and red glass bangles adorning her, her waist long hairs were damp from the shower earlier and were unbraided just the way he liked. His feet were fixated to the floor as he stood there almost in trance, his eyes not leaving her gaze even for a moment drinking her beauty. She slowly walked over to him and stood across interlacing her hands around his neck all the while not breaking the stare, his hands on their own accord twined around her waist interlocking her in a tight embrace and burying his face in her neck taking in her scent and reveling in her warmth.

Parting from him slightly yet standing close to him her eyes held a mischievous glint as she kissed the corner of his mouth and heard him groan, the very sound sent tingles down her spine making her weak in the knees; neither words were uttered nor a touch yet his unnerving intense gaze was arousing her in ways she could not name distracting her from everything else. Without uttering a word she turned around leaning against the wall that was beside her to calm her racing breath; when he didn’t follow her, disappointment started rising in her but before it could get her she felt the lights dimming and his hands touching her caressing her waist. She couldn’t think anymore, her eyes closed and her hands travelled from his chest to the nape of his neck all the way to his hair as his lips found hers, his hands grazing her waist and trailing to her spine all the while.

She didn’t have an idea how much time had elapsed as they stood against the wall plastered together and lost in another world, it was not long before he lifted her in his arms and lowered her down on the bed. Her chest was heaving up and down but she didn’t have a moment to breathe before she found herself in his arms again. 

Mayank, she tried to speak in an almost inaudible voice, Dinner is waiting. 
Dinner and afters are all right here, he didn’t miss a beat as he proceeded in the path that she had started for him tonight.  


P.S: First paragraph courtesy Ivre...thank you for writing it! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walk Beyond Oblivion....

 Walk Beyond Oblivion....

There are moments when somethings on my mind but I just can't rhyme,
So forgive me these few brief awkward lines,

You're the only one now left,
Who I don't really wanna lose,
Though I know I can be too childish at times,
Or my words too sarcastic to digest for you...
But I ain't the one with attitude who can't change,
It's just I'm needy and too hurt that I can't bear,
And all I want from you is just a bit of love and care...

Gifts and pleasures I don't long,
As your friendship has been my greatest treasure all along.

P.S: Dedicated to my Soul Searched Friend.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Take Me Home

This has got to be the longest One Shot Story by me and frankly speaking I dunno how this has turned out to be...I just hope you guys take time out to read this one and gimme your feedback!                                                       

                                           Take Me Home

It was eleven in the morning yet the sun was nowhere to be seen, it being winter the weather was considerably below and the wind blew scattering the leaves sprawled on the ground. The nipping wind was pleasantly cold and intense ruffling her hair and making her frigid as she just wore a woolen jacket over her blue winter dress and wedge boots. She was walking down the winding country road to reach the nearest beach which was nearly an hour away; he had deemed her silly for choosing this time of the year for visiting the far off beach but seeing her determined self he had agreed.

It sounded odd to her that he had succumbed to her demands or rather in lighter terms agreed to her, had it been a usual day he probably would have argued with her for coaxing him to meet in his tight busy schedule or simply for choosing such a place to meet on a cold afternoon; though it was morning now but by the time he reached there after a good three hour long journey the sun would be at its peak or still tugged in its niche relaxing. It surely was an unusual day but that was something she didn't wish to ponder and continued walking in a slow pace.

It was way past twelve o'clock when he finally reached his desired destination, panting heavily he let out a sigh of relief of having reached on time. Alright he was late by whole forty minutes but then road blocks were common at this time of the year and she was an understanding girl; off course she was understanding though she could be a chatterbox, sarcastic and childish at times but if she had not been one they would never be where they are, as all those who knew him knew about his short temper and fickle mood swings that could just melt ice in a matter of few seconds and make people cry like they haven't in ages but somehow being with her had bought about a change in him which he was glad for as he was now a lot less temperamental and calm.

He was a businessman a shrewd one to name; people feared his wrath when things didn't go according to him and the one to commit the mistake was fired at that very moment, he didn't care of the consequence of his actions to one bit when it came to work too ethical was what he called himself, devil in disguise and ruthless is what others called him. He was not an emotionless person as the whole world considered him to be, life had taught him a lot at a very tender age and he feared opening up even now and welcoming the change though he knew being closed wouldn't help yet he dreaded to loosen the threads that tied the doors of his heart. His grandmother and elder sister were the only family he had though his sister had been married some two years back, she still made trips back home to assure that her younger brother never felt alone, he was surprisingly very close to her it was almost like what a child feels for his mother. His parents had died when they were still young in a car accident but he had miraculously survived the mishap, it was then that their paternal grandmother had taken the two orphaned kids under her wings and nursed them and earned a livelihood at an age when she should have been resting. Times had changed and now he was the owner of one of the biggest Hotel Chains in India with things at his foot-step in a matter of seconds. With the passage of time the carefree little child had turned to an angry young man until the advent of her in his life.

He still remembered the first time he met her, it was midsummer and she had been running carelessly on the road as if her life were at stake by the looks of it, it seemed as if she were all helter-skelter colliding into him and his world had come to a stop at that very instant; but before he could react or comprehend what had happened she mumbled some excuses and a sorry before she fled away leaving him in a daze for the first time ever in his life on earth. Surprisingly it felt that the whole universe had conspired against him or rather thinking back now luck was on his side she turned out to be a cousin of his brother-in-law who he never knew existed and was residing in his home from that very day as she had taken admission in the town university. What started as mere hello and later a verbal spat turned to a budding friendship and now a blossoming romance.
Coming out of his thoughts he shook his head with a smile lingering on his face and headed to the direction she was. She sat there on the sand hugging her knees close to her chest resting her chin on them and watched the rise and fall of the tides; she didn't realize his presence until he sat close to her yet a companionable silence surrounded them. Words like customary "hi" and "hello" no longer had place in their conversations until they were nervous and today was definitely not one of those days.

"It's been such a long time that we met like this, isn't it?" She spoke in a thoughtful contemplative tone, he didn't speak for a while and when the silence started to haunt him he slightly turned towards her kissing her forehead he replied "yes, three long weeks" which made her smile and resulted in a cheerful laughter from both ends as he took her in his embrace.

He was finally home, to a place where both his heart and soul resided.

                            Love is the only hope when dark times strike!



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Musings #1

Random Musings #1

Well this is not some series or anything of a particular genre, this one will just contain things that are mere abstractions it could be just dissecting particular emotions or life in general. Another important thing is this is not about me the reason I mentioned this is, since I usually have a soft corner for melancholic writings people feel I'm sad and temme to cheer up that's not done :-/ so I thought of informing prior :D 

This particular post is inspired by this pic and written in first person...Hope you enjoy reading! Do give your valuable feedback :)

Until Forever’s Gone…

It was nearing midnight and my mood was surprisingly languid, it was that particular moment when I didn’t feel like thinking or following the practicalities of life and society but to let my mind and heart reel freely. I sat there perching besides the window seating idly murmuring songs that seemed like some incoherent mumbling but it hardly mattered as I had none to please and just soothe myself.

 It was in moments like these when I wondered how it would feel to revel in you and bask in your love, to love and to be loved back by you! But tonight astonishingly a certain unknown fear gripped me amplifying my pulse rate turning my beat and breath erratic, it was then that I realized that I was too sensitive and terribly lonely; I somehow didn’t realize when the phase from being social turned solitary but it sure was a gradual process. In a flash love seemed a farfetched thing and all that I needed now was a friend, a person who befriended me despite my flaws, my uncanny nature and my fickle mood swings because even I was no ideal perfect person. Letting out a sigh I crawl back to my bed and wait for weariness to take over and lull me to sleep taking me to the world of dreams where life though is not full of glee but someone somewhere is there with me.

In moments of despair,
It’s not always love that you need,
It’s just a true and caring friend that will suffice.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You & Me

You & Me 

With the arrival of a new dawn,
Memories glisten like drops of dew...
It feels like just yesterday,
When you and me had met...

Breaking from my reverie,
I realize years have elapsed...
Leaving me and you together,
To cherish our coming days!


P.S: Wishing you a very Happy Diwali :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3:

He ran hard and fast stopping at the lone abandoned bench in the midst of the forest. Sitting down he let out a rugged sigh realizing the mess he was entangled in; reflecting back he realized life had been peaceful and full of mirth with her, until a very prominent part of past returned evoking chaos!

P.S: I hope you understood what I meant by "her" and "past".

Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Incomplete Story....

Tonight I feel the need to be engulfed in your arms,
Rest my head on your heart,
And listen to the rhythm that surrounds,
Forgetting the world around…

A moment of bliss,
A moment of joy,
Hoping you won’t deny…
Is all that I have been wishing.

I don’t know how does it feel,
To be loved by the one you love,
For once I wish to be there,
To feel and revel.

To stare in your eyes,
To look in your soul,
To melt and merge in you,
Though it only last for a day…

I wish I were the key,
To unlock the doors of your heart,
And know I’m the one,
Who resides in thee…

Tonight yet again I feel the need,
To be the laughter in your silence,
The memory in your moments,
And the song that your heart sings…

- Fatima

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter 2:

Alright some people were waiting for chapter 2...and I really din wanna make them wait so without further ado here goes the short chapter :D

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

She sat there nonchalantly on the plushy sofa. Being a perspicacious woman she didn’t pay heed to his continuous talks or rather rant in her saying. After what seemed like eons she walked off the door giving him a sly smile filling the room with deathly silence.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

He sat on the counter top at a bar, combating with himself he gulped down his drink in one go the sour taste lingered in his mouth a little longer smoldering his throat but nothing could wipe of the sugary taste of her lips from his very own.


Friday, September 23, 2011


This is a work of fiction and holds no resemblance to anyone living or dead but my pure imagination.
EPHEMERAL AURA (Nathan-Patricia-Emily)

A short series in which I’ll highlight Nathan's behavior post Patricia walked in his life and how he is struggling to accept the fact that somewhere down the line he has betrayed Emily and also the thought process of what are Patricia ’s motives. 


Change is the law of life but what if a blast from your past shows up and disrupts the peace and tarnishes the innocence. Is there really something you can do to stop the changes or you must accept fate and go with the flow.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

From The Bottom of My Heart!

From The Bottom of My Heart!

Years rolled and seasons changed,
Yet everything still remained the same...
Spring meant joy and winter bought gloom,
Still I was the same, all lonesome!

Only friendship ruled,
And love didn't mean a thing...
But it doesn't seem to be true anymore,
As your now a part of my soul!

Words fall short and emotions overflow,
One moment I'm dancing like a daffodil...
The other as dull as a withering rose,
Yet I dunno how should I tell ??

That, I love you in the spring...
And love you even in the fall...
In noon and also the moonlit hours,
And will always, with my heart and soul!


P.S: I had written this poem back then on 17th March '11 on the request of a friend of mine...Finally posting it here :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Post #8

Post #8

It was a cold rainy night with the rustling of leaves and sweet murmurs of the nearby stream, sitting beside each other they tried to put an end to the intense longing that quelled their heart and soul but words faltered and sentences broke even before escaping the confines of their heart. It seemed like an eternity had elapsed as none spoke and silence lingered with a melody of its own. Turning towards her with a gleam in his eyes entwining her fingers with his own he took her lips in his for a searing kiss as ecstasy filled the air and all faded in the desolate hour of night. 

With this I come to an end of this series...But as they say, "Every end is a new beginning !"
I hope you guys liked it and could connect to it...  :)


Thursday, September 1, 2011



The pain has frozen,
And the tears barely fall...
Feel to be engulfed in your embrace,
And be cocooned in your arms.

Wish life was a fairy tale,
With love conquering all...
Where the prince charming kissed,
And all was well after all.

But life is a harsh reality,
Each step you walk, a sacrifice awaits...
Why you and me, I ask??
Ah! God doesn't answer just a smiling face.


P.S:  Edited the P.S somehow don't want everyone to read it :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Paper is Patient than Man !!

Paper is Patient than Man !!

At this moment instead of penning down this write up which technically isn’t a write up but just an emotional vent out, I should be doing my mid-term seminar report whose submission is due tomorrow but somehow I just can’t concentrate on the task at hand and ended up crying now that’s really silly of me….lol I can’t believe I was unable to cry some days back and now I’m crying as if some tragedy has befallen me…

So much so that I’ve distanced myself from people whom I call friends, hardly feel like talking to them though none may agree to it coz I still keep on chattering non-stop and the reason is I don’t want those guys to worry about me…on a serious note I really dunno how many of them really and actually care..but it doesn’t matter anymore you see…and even the fact that I hardly feel like socializing and meeting buddies, I can’t avoid the ones I meet everyday can I ?? Hell no, if I do so I’ll be labeled as Anti-Social and hey I can’t even bear that tag…messed up you see…

I’m such a tube light at times…A friend of mine had requested me to write a poem on Independence Day..but I got so stuck up in work that I forgot about it until today morning…I felt like I wish I had taken some time out from the hectic schedule for myself and written something what’s the point in running away...but was I really running away I dunno ?? If, yes then from whom myself or the world….guess me only I don’t really care about the world anymore apart from the people who make my world and are a part of it…and I really miss some of them though lemme be true to you…there are barely 3-4 people who comprise in my little world :) and I love them to the core..they are those who I call my friends….on Saturday I was missing one of them as it was Rakshabhandan and today like always I’m missing one such friend a lot, doesn’t mean I don’t miss others but sometimes its someone specific and that feeling just can’t be expressed or explained, Absence and Distance does make the heart grow fonder…earlier just quoted it for the sake of it and now believe it… wonderful !!

I very well know all that’s written over here doesn’t make any sense at least it does to me at this moment dunno about if this will make sense, when this phase passes….but I guess that’s the way it is…and why to keep things bottled up in your heart and trouble your own self…best to let it out in words… In fact, somewhere I’m really happy this is my first blog post made from my lappy though it doesn’t truly reflect me but just a glimpse of my emotions that have been running high since quite a time…

 I dunno why but I’m having this urge to share some three line verse I had written long long back at the end of this post…I really dunno if it’ll make sense as the end note but doesn’t matter does it ?? So here they go,

“Your stole my words before I could speak, 
Shattered my heart even before I could cherish my feelings…
And now I’m only left with forlorn hope.”
Finally feeling good to have let out….in deed Paper is Patient than Man!


P.S: I know I'm being too lazy and I din comment or as a matter of fact have not read any of the recent blog post...but I hope to read them soon.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crossed Paths.....

Crossed Paths.....

Untold unexpressed emotions lead her to a dark alley where stark silence lingers and the shadow seems to fade, a confused numb pain takes over her as she tries to elude and sever the past. Knocking every door on her way hoping to see her beloved's face only to realize he's gone too far away.


P.S: My first ever attempt at writing a 55 words fiction..dunno how it has come leave your views :)

Image courtesy: Google

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Post #7

Post #7

Sitting on the rough rocks,
The harsh wind blows by...
Seeing his love and longing,
The sky too cries...


P.S: This time I thought of just summing up all the feelings that Mayank is going through just in some four lines, a new experiment for me...I thought of 55 words fiction but settled for this. The shorter the give in your valuable views :) 

Link To Next Part 

Saturday, July 16, 2011



Love is not You and Me,
Nor is love glancing and a passing phase,
Love is Now and Forever,
As love is We! 


P.S: A happy happy one after long... :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yearning For You....

Yearning For You....

Close yet so apart,
Though not really afar,
The distance makes me shrill...
Wanting me to hold you,
Near to my heart.
With every ebb and tide,
A nebulous anguish engulfs me...
And the warm mellow feeling fades,
Stabbing me to the core,
And tears threaten to fall...
As I languish in amour...


Saturday, July 2, 2011

- Koi Apna Sa -

- Koi Apna Sa -

Suni suni sadko pe,
Koi toh musafir hota...
Kaali andheri raaton mein,
Koi toh tanhayoon ka saathi hota...

Shaant aur surili raaton mein,
Jagmagate sitaron k jaisa...
Kaale badalon k sang,
Koi toh chand jaisa saathi hota...

Rhim jhim savan mein,
Saat rangon jaise muskurata...
Reait mein paani jaise,
Koi toh aansuon ka saathi hota...

Yeh dil kuch na chahe,
Paharoon jaise akeli raina mein...
Bus chund saanson jaisa apna,
Koi toh saacha saathi hota...


P.S: My first ever hindi poem and the theme is friendship not love!