Sunday, June 19, 2011

Symphony of the silent night !

A continuation from this series...Moments(Post #5)

Symphony of the silent night !
(Post # 6)

It was a cool night after a scorching day, she was sitting by the sea face on the concrete pavement eyeing the vast expanse of sea before her. The full moon was in shades of dull light yellow and playing hide and seek with the dark black clouds that adorned the starry sky, the weather was pleasant after the city was hit by showers an hour or so back... She sat there hugging her knees resting her chin on them. She seemed to be tranquil on the front but was feeling a mess inside, the silent winds sent shrills down her spine resurrecting the buried pain and emotions and a tear trickled from the corner of her eye making its way down her cherry cheeks clouding her eyes, yet she sat unmoved lost in her own reverie.

Sitting on a lone bench,
Eyeing the splendid sea...
The gushing sound of waves,
Brings back some memories to me !

The ardour of rains,
And the calmness of breeze,
Makes me want to believe...
You too care for me !

On days when I fear,
I wish you were there to hold me...
But all I can do is...
Hold back my tears still loving thee.

Neither can I deny,
Nor can I accept,
Yet at times like these...
My heart wishes you too loved me !

Breaking from her trance she realized they were just like the shore and the sea; neither can they be together nor apart but at some point they do meet and at times, wait is the only hope you have. Thinking so she let out a sigh and gathered herself, she was a strong girl and she had to be one for them...she could just not loose hope and cry...maybe love was not meant to be but friendship forever! Saying so to herself she walked home with a smile though her eyes had a different tale to tell.


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Forever Abide

It's been such a long time..that I posted something but now finally I'm done with my exams and finally free :)
Missed you guys and even your blogs...will catch up with all your stuff in sometime...have loads to read...:)
So without much ado here is the poem...hope you like it!

Forever Abide

Woke up to a bright and sunny day,
Yet somewhere wished it would pour today!
As sometimes too much of warmth also burns...
And you realize people do feign, cheat and fray.

Leaving you broken and shattered,
Amidst the crowd you walk alone!
Trying to let go the memories you made...
Though you hope for things to revert back to same.

You fall and you stumble,
And you're stuck up in a muddle!
As there is a lot that the mirror does not show...
Yet you give a try and believe, only to be deceived.

Reality does bite as some say,
So its better to quietly walk away!
With a pinch of hope and tear in eye...
You build back yourself with all your might.

Repressing the surging sullenness,
With all the happiness you've gathered along!
Spring now welcomes you back from gloom...
But, somewhere the longing of a true friend forever looms.