Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mon Amie

We are so foolish, so utterly naive that when someone is good to us, we feel they are the sunshine after rain. Red, orange, green, blue like the colours of the rainbow. And no; no talking about lovers and crushes or someone you're simply attracted to. This is someone you think of as a friend. It is important to be a friend before anything else.

Leap of faith, liking someone and expecting them to reciprocate; that's love. But what about friendship? Do we expect there or cease expectations the moment we befriend. What about wanting to be surprised by an unselfish gesture is it too much to ask, from a very close friend? It's all a twisted labyrinth of strewn hopes and dwindling emotions.  All you wished for was a moment of companionship, sometimes it's too much to ask and other-times it's all you need.


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  1. Expectations hurt ... but then, we are humans, and its so difficult to condition our hearts :-)

    1. Ah yes! Always expecting and not wanting to be hurt too :)

  2. Isn't that what you asked in my post comment too? Unselfish gesture, looks like you've been thinking about it a lot. I would say, be calm, go about your day and stuff, if it has to be, it'll be. Friends are made at the most unremarkable time and place, some just come along and suddenly become a part of life, few fade away. But well that's life, don't you think?

    I like your starting lines a lot :)
    P.S you look good smiling, I like your what's app dp ;)


    1. It was your post that made me pen this down, it was hard to shake it off my head! Yea we leave some, some leave us..but that's life ! :)

      Thankuu for the dp :D

  3. it depends on our state of mind...
    we at times don't like how our friends react even though they are trying their best just because of our mood....

    we need to contain our emotions at times since no one can always understand what is going in us

    1. All I can say sum up as a reply to you is, True !


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