Saturday, November 22, 2014

Small Towns

Click clack
The monotonous metro life goes on..

Ignorant secluded
With no one to truly call your own..

Peace serenity
Oh no! You've landed on an alien land..

Truth trust
Please dial the correct code..

Ecstasy contentment
It's to be seen every night and day..

There's so much the quaint little towns can offer
Only if we could abandon the city's galore..



  1. How I long to settle in a quaint little town but I am too used to Mumbai Life now :P

    1. Haha..I would still love to relocate even if it means a holiday :P

  2. We are too much blinded by the city lights to find beauty in quaint little town :-/

  3. A little town, the glistening lights of a metro, a small shed with autumn rains and potholes in the city , that is the paradox I see every time I'm in Mumbai. But the autumn and the winter, the gold and the white, it's one of the biggest pleasures of my current life. Fatima you write beautifully :)

    1. I sometimes envy you for the place you live in..but then I realize you're away from family! And yes I love the images you capture on your lens :)

      Thank You !


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