Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Everything is a mystery,
Inside a mystery,
Unfold it and again it's a mystery !!"

Beyond Borders......

Lovely movie acc. to me, depicting the real life though fashioned in a bit different manner and involving a love affair it proves it's point abt the trauma of several people residing in such places where living a life is like risking ones life.

It clearly depicts the life of those who risks their lives to safe others and sacrifice their love, their family n frnds..just to help the needy and serve them. There r several such ppl in real lyf too..Several organisations like UNHCR..WHO..and other NGO across the world help ppl rehabilitate..But d couragoues among them r those who really visit such places n work with thier heart n soul...

Apart frm Beyond Borders many other movies r made on ths subject lyk.."Smile", "Love & War"...etc..but such movies always do not fare well at the box office whereas it shld b otherwise. nor r thy given much critical acclaim as other movies depecting reality r given...On the contrary Angelina Jolie was nominated as The Worst Actress fr d movie..funny isn't it..??.. I really don't understand y ppl give less importane to such issues and more imp. to Brokeback Mountain received grt critical acclaim as well as an oscar...I don't say it didn't deserve it rightly deserved but y others denied ths privelige? Don't ppl understand tht these issues r fr more serious..??..Ya there r ppl but d strength is less..coz many dont wanna risk thier lives...but thn wat is d use of such a life wch  is nt used fr helping our fellow beings..??.. At least the gays r nt dying of hunger...lyk these ppl...

There is a tumult of emotions and perplexity too, emerging in my heart as to whether will I really be able to help such people coz I want the right sense or will it remain as just another piece of my dream, coz being raised in an Indian Society will this society understand me and accept me and my decision ? Well that time will only tell, till then I can contribute in smaller amounts and ways !


Love is the very essence of everything, without it the world seems void and fills the world with glee and happiness,spreading it's vibrant colors to enliven the surrounding; but love also has to sacrifice,always has to be kind and humble has to be humble to a foe and strict to a has to undergo several trials and tribulations, it is like a rose with beauty but thorns too.Love is like a flower in the garden of life which needs to be nourished with care and affection but at the same time, one must not have any expectation is love, coz love is flowing like a river & as a river has no end it just combines with others to form an ocean with togetherness so, does love can never be possessed..Always give with an open heart and never expect anything else in return and the master of the worlds watching us from heaven above will lead us to the right path, free from prejudices,hatred and jealousy into a world of peace and kindness! 

And all this is not outside but within us..!!..