Saturday, November 14, 2009


Love is the very essence of everything, without it the world seems void and fills the world with glee and happiness,spreading it's vibrant colors to enliven the surrounding; but love also has to sacrifice,always has to be kind and humble has to be humble to a foe and strict to a has to undergo several trials and tribulations, it is like a rose with beauty but thorns too.Love is like a flower in the garden of life which needs to be nourished with care and affection but at the same time, one must not have any expectation is love, coz love is flowing like a river & as a river has no end it just combines with others to form an ocean with togetherness so, does love can never be possessed..Always give with an open heart and never expect anything else in return and the master of the worlds watching us from heaven above will lead us to the right path, free from prejudices,hatred and jealousy into a world of peace and kindness! 

And all this is not outside but within us..!!..

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