Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sugar Me

It was eventide; the moon was aglow and stars adorned the black sky. She was standing blindfolded on the deck of a luxuries yacht. The cool breeze was blowing swiftly ruffling her long lustrous locks and her sari making her shiver. It was their first wedding anniversary and he wanted it to be memorable for her.

She was dressed in a dark midnight blue sari with a silver low cut blouse with just minimal jewelry and bangles. She was walking slowly with her hands outstretched trying to find him but he just kept on slipping. He watched her amusedly as her anklets jingled melodiously and he felt heat rise up in his body as he slowly walked towards her. Stealthy he came and stood behind her coiling her in his arms. Smiling she stretched her neck to the left, allowing him to kiss there. His eyes glinted as he brushed them across her smooth skin before leaving a kiss there. This is when she took off her blindfold.

“Armaan…” she let out and relaxed in his hold gently placing her palm on his face, gliding it down his neck past his cheeks and lips. She smiled and said, “I wasn’t expecting this.”

“I know...” he replied entwining his fingers with her pulling her close, inhaling in her sweet scent.

“What are you up to? Let me go, you’re not touching me at least not so soon.” She said slipping away from his hold.

So she wants to play, he mused. Very well then two can play this game, smirking he walked towards her picking her up in his arms nuzzling her neck.

“Put me down this very instant” she muttered and glared at him. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, he slowly dropped her to the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I planned all this for you and there you are glaring at me. Care to tell me what is the problem?” was all he managed to say trying to keep his anger at bay.

She was trying to suppress her smirk but it was just impossible. Keeping a straight face devoid of sweetness she replied, “That stubble of yours, your priced possession well that’s my problem. I simply do not like it!”

“Huh! What’s there to be so miffed about? I look sexy, don’t tell me you don’t like your husband to look good.” He replied coolly liking her irritation.  

“I recall a particular conversation…” she began and drifted away for a second before continuing “Well I’m sure you can recall, can’t you?” making his face go pale.

“So this is revenge, isn’t it?” he asked hesitantly.

“Tit for Tat, my dear husband. You either shave that stubble of yours or crave. The choice is entirely yours. And yes, do not give me the excuse you haven't carried your Gillette shaving kit because I personally took care of it sweetheart.” She whispered slyly kissing him lightly on his lips before heading back to the table amidst the candles and roses.  

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We've heard this a million times, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied but have we ever really thought over it twice and tried to change the situation. Yes, we have and we've failed umpteen number of times. But how long can someone take in and not protest??

The condition has just deteriorated from bad to worse, it's just sickening to read and watch all this and what more is pitiful is the reaction from the government. I just can't seem to believe how can some men be so brutal that not only do they rape them, but have the courage to go about saying it's the womans fault that she did not dress up properly. Where is the equality. where is justice?? Is this what we call democracy and live in and this makes me really question are we really living in an independent India??

It's not just about the Delhi gang rape case, it's about the countless number of victims who've suffered the agony and justice has not been given, the accused who should have been behind bars is roaming freely while the life of the girl is in shambles and destroyed. Why can't the government for once take things seriously? Are they that heartless that they cannot see the inhumane behavior of these men who inflict such torture on women?

I know we are demanding capital punishment, but killing those men is not the only solution what is more needed is maximum protection and stringent laws. Unfortunately we lack both. Sometimes, I feel we should adopt some of the Gulf laws though they are stringent, follow castration rule  at least they are better and the culprits do not always get away easily.

The thought just struck me..why rape?? I do not even get the concept of raping someone, it's not just a heinous crime but more of human annihilation. All you want is sex right? so go to a prostitute whose willing then again there are several girls who are trafficked on a daily basis and thrown into this shoddy world. The concept of spoiling someone's life for mere carnal pleasure is alien to me and I can't digest it.

I wish even I could do something, but since I'm unable too I'm writing though I dunno if it's effective or not but at least it's better than not voicing your opinion and fighting for justice. It feels so unsafe that you do not know if you can step out of house at night and return freely as even the police fails to protect us, and it's not just Delhi even the other metros are equally affected. It's high time laws are amended, action is taken and there is a change in the mindset of people putting a stop a to this shame.

Women need to be able to live freely and not just breathe.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mischief Managed

Far away in a land of dreams
You get what you wish
With a swish and flick
You wave your wand
Changing your hairstyle
From Modern to traditional
Wavy to smooth
And get the perfect straight hair!

I was happy with my long lustrous wavy locks but looking around it seemed everyone was into straight. All I got to hear was, “I got the perfect smooth and silky hair” and it drove me crazy. Alas! We don't live in a magical world and so we've got no wands and potions to change hairstyles without any hassle, so this year on Eid I decided to venture into this unknown arena with my new found obsession of getting straight hair  off course without magic. Being low on budget I couldn't even afford going to a parlor so I thought of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ though I had no idea what to do and how to go about it.

To begin with I spent hours thinking of a simple yet effective way to tame my curls, it was then that the iron yes the device that you straighten your rumpled clothes with came to my rescue. Though it was a risky job I was up for it.

Since it was not a single person job, my younger sister assisted my in this wacky experimentation.

Having washed and dried my hair of excess water, I brushed my hair a bit so that they do not tangle. Once I was done with this, I applied a Heat Tamer spray to keep my hair safe from damage and I was glad that I do watch the idiot box called television as I had seen the advertisement of the product there. Coming back, once I was done with this I placed a fluffy towel on the flat iron board and lay my head on the towel spreading my hair and again covering my hair with a thinner cloth. Once this was done, my sister very carefully slid the iron atop my hair as if ironing the clothes. After a minute or two and I couldn't believe my hair were no more wavy but flowing smoothly. And to retain the longevity and getting the frizz under control I applied some hair spray.

Ultimately after, such a simple yet tedious process I got the perfect straight hair. And what’s more awesome is it didn't take much time and is home effective.

In fact, I tried another technique my mom's secret and simple recipe for straight hair. Apply warm mustard oil overnight so that the hair soaks the oil. Wash hairs the next day with water do not use shampoo while washing. Air dry your hair, once this is done oil your hair with the same mustard oil again. Leave it oiled for a day. This time wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cold water as it leaves a shiny effect on the hair after drying. Allow your hair to dry naturally. And Tada! you will find your hair to be smooth, shiny and straight! But you need to do this procedure twice a month, easy and feasible isn't it. :)

The third and final option I tried last month , though it was not this much effective neither the effects long lasting but it is a quick quick method. All you got to do is, after washing once the hair are slightly dry tie them tightly for a while. After an hour or so open them up and place heavy books atop them while you lie down and get a power nap. At least being an engineering student I have loads of heavy books and want loads of sleep so no worries!

Friday, December 14, 2012

walking on air

There is so much to write so much to express but I just don't have words. So, I'm just gonna pen down some moments, they are always small moments that make me happy I do not need big things to brighten up my day.

So without further ado, here are the ones that made my day today :D

1. Theory exams got over yesterday and I breathed a sigh of relief, happy that the piles of notes and books have finally vanished from sight !

2. Not that I haven't had cutting chai before but today for the first time had it on a typical chai stall, the kind of one they show on television where the poor beaten down hero goes to drink tea and mourns for his lover but I wasn't gloomy, I was happy and with a friend :D

3. A friend, a special friend called me for the first time today making me jump and even making me forget I had sprained my ankle sometime back. Good thing, the sprain is gone and since then I'm more happy happy..kisi k nazar na lage ;)

4. Felt someone close..too close today whose far away, well neither we spoke nor did we meet but something happened or rather saw something !

5. Talked to my sis on skype, video chat and did all sorts of antics we could possibly do..hehe

6. Last but not the least, I activated my FB account yesterday after almost 3 long months :D

Woo Hoo...all in all 14th December, 2012 was one of the awesomest (if that's even a word) day! Thank you Allah for making it memorable and even the people in my life :)

Have a great day folks!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a handful of memories...

Ah! I don't believe I've come this far. When I began writing I had no idea I would write so much that someday I will have my own personal blog and moreover I will be writing a 100th  post. If, someone had told me earlier I would have termed that person insane. Basically reason being I never had faith in my writing nor did others around me had. In fact people who knew me before I began writing were shocked that I can even put two and two words together and create something meaningful. Then again, there came people in my life who had faith in me and my writing and somewhere I owe this 100th post to them.

For me, this isn't really a day for celebration coz one of the most important  person in my life, who had faith in me and my writings and who encouraged me not just to write but everywhere is not in my life. We have parted ways to be very truthful, it's none other than my soul-searched friend to whom I had even dedicated a poem here, but then again situations arise and people walk away and we have to live with that or rather learn to live.

If I'm honest to myself this was one and maybe the only person I ever wrote for. I even planned on quitting writing but somehow I couldn't and the reason being I still write for this person. There are a lot of happy memories and moments, unfulfilled wishes and dreams and most importantly what I shared with this person. I realized if, I let go of my writing I'll let go of myself the little bit of me left completely and I don't think that's fair. I know it won't affect my friend anymore but I wanna think maybe it might, call it denial or madness or just a reason to write, I'm writing and I'll continue till I can.

I even know, this person my friend will maybe never come to my blog again but I wish him a very happy life ahead and I hope his dreams are fulfilled. And that wherever he is at the moment and will be tomorrow may my prayers and my good wishes reach him.

One more thing, before I end I didn't know this was gonna be my 100th post and so I'll post the shayri I had originally intended to post, it is a sad one but nowhere related to this post..just a random poem in urdu, sad but I'm just unable to pen something happy happy at the moment.

Naa jaana meine ye kya hua?
Naa jaanu mei ye kaise hua?
ek pal tha tu...
aur dusre pal hua juda..
dil mera toda tune..
aur ashk meine palkon pe sajae..
saath hai na tu mere..
phir bhi yeh dil sirf tujhe hi kyu chahe ?

I do not want to end on a sad note but I really do not think I can end on a happy note, apart from the fact that it's Diwali and I wish all my readers a Safe and a Happy Diwali :)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace

Pleasure and Ecstasy,
Love and Harmony,
Is all what I wish to seek..

Silence and agony, 
Pain and misery,
Is all what you give me..

But it's only in dreams,
In a world of my own,
Where you accept and don't reject..


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ebb and Flow

Millions of emotions stir,
Some in my mind,
Some in my heart…
Some die and some live...
But once again,
The sun goes down across the sea,
Waking and weaving thousand dreams in my being!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012



The sky turned a shade darker and the cool breeze wafted mingled with pleasant rains recreating an aura of mellifluous melody. She sat by the window pane idly eyeing the swaying bloom outside, repressing the hurt and tears waiting to be unleashed. Reminiscing him and his love she finally cries letting out a sigh.

P.S: The story is made up of 54 words, 55th word is the title.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unending Night

Go away...
Goodbye forever...
My justifications were nothing but trash you said.

Ranted and raved that I hurt you...
Breaking your trust and stabbing your heart...
You blamed and let me go.

And now I sit here all alone,
Staring into the oblivion with love and tear filled eyes...
Waiting will you ever realize ??

Love was then,
Love is now...
Love will never be someone else..
As love will forever be you...


Monday, September 24, 2012


Sometimes you defy your own destiny,
Sometimes you alone are responsible for the woes in your life..
Sometimes you love so much that it becomes suffocation,
Sometimes your truth becomes your lie..
Sometimes you break friendships with your own hands..
Sometimes you be honest and the honesty backfires,
Sometimes you want to cry and not a tear falls..
Sometimes you stab and betray when all you wanted was not too..
Sometimes you know it was love but it comes across as something else...
Sometimes you  are only the cause of your shattered self,
Sometimes you deserve...deserve to be alone and isolated..
Coz sometimes you snatch your own hope and break the one you love...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Stopover: Book Review

The moment I leafed through this book I was reminded of a quote from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

“I’m sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures in it?” –Alice.

This is what set's the book apart, the natural photography that is weaved intricately with the plot as the story progresses. Four different stories from different parts of the country entwined into one unfold "The Stopover."

The Tibetan Wheels of Wisdom is not just the story of Varun and Meghna but Varun's exploration of Tibet and the life of people residing there. When you move past the first couple of pages, you feel you’re being transported to an alternate universe exploring the unexplored culture hidden deep within the plains and valleys of Tibet.

The photographs used are picture perfect and add a glint to the story, more like refreshing it and not keeping it monotonous which at times happens when travel merges with emotions. This book to me is categorized as a travel book with a twist and I'm in love with the concept.

When I reached the end, I wanted to read more and I felt a pang of incompleteness, all I'm trying to say is that it keeps the reader glued till the very end. And to be very true I like the concept of “Voyages to the unexplored dimensions.”

This is just the initial glimpse of the book. I would have loved to write more, but it would be like spilling the beans even before its release. The author’s have done a remarkable job and I’m confident this book will be a huge success.

For further insights into the book you can visit:
Also the book has a fan following on Facebook of over 55,000 even before its release: ( 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Melbourne Magic

"Memories are like an oasis in the desert sand of time !"

It all started on a sunny morning on 25th of November the life altering day of my life when I and my brother suddenly whisked off our schedule as he surprised me with a trip as my birthday gift and all he said was "it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!" There was excitement, there was nervousness and with these two as a couple we headed off to experience the exquisite Melbourne.

Dunno where to begin from, the journey to Exquisite Melbourne and back home was nothing short of dreamy! This being my first air journey I was both excited and nervous; with a million questions squirming added with the imaginary beings having a tribal dance in my head. The internal debate finally dissolved after a 10 hour long journey and what came next was something I just can’t describe in words. The fun and frolic was something I’ve never experienced before and that too from my serious brother.

If, I try to write everything down then this post will overflow but there have been places and moments that I can’t help but remember and pen it down.

Gleaming in its Victorian Heritage and Modern lifestyle, this city is referred as “Garden City” and “Cultural capital of Australia”. Buzzing with eclectic and urban lifestyle, it is the most livable city and too me it’s loveable too!

We arrived in the wee hours of morning though tired we felt the subtle sun rise in the dull morning sky whilst travelling to our staying place, the Rendezvous Hotel.

Breakfast was a small affair after which we left for our journey ahead. On the way, we met a nice gentleman, a local of the city who told us about various sites. The narrow lanes, the long walks, the pristine atmosphere and the breath of fresh air greeted us on the way to Melbourne Visitor Centre for maps and free brochures.

After gathering the necessary information we headed off to, NVG Australia: Ian Potter Centre, the first public art museum dedicated to Australian art. 

Arts and History has always fascinated me and I was thrilled to see such beautiful paintings and drawings depicting an entirely different culture from the one I grew up in.

After spending about an hour there, we headed off to our next destination Melbourne Aquarium. Our journey began from Antarctica the starting point that housed the cute Penguins followed by the Weird and Wonderful creatures like sea jellies, sea horses and a variety of others. 

The River to Reef section housed animals like frogs, crabs, snakes and sea jellies depicting the wonderful marine life. The Southern Ocean was the last stop in the aquarium that included Sharks and other fishes.

Girls and shopping go hand in hand and so our next stop was the Victoria Market. I was surprised when I noticed that it was not just a typical market where you got fresh produce but also clothing and stuff. The cool air was wafting ruffling our hair though not snapping the smiles of our face. Walking down the road we were spell bound by the cheery and vibrant atmosphere in the market.  

We were famished and so our next stop was Bambini Barrista, were we had a cuppa of freshly brewed coffee and sandwiches. It was there that my bro surprised me with a Happy Birthday chocolate cake and the local crowd also wished me, this is what I remember as our “Golden Moment of the Trip.”

Having sated our souls with a delicious meal we moved to our next destination, the Medibank Icehouse. ice It’s Australia’s latest world class ice sports and entertainment venue. It was fun there, as I being a clumpy girl slipped a few times but all in good mood.  

When I finally thought this is the end of my eventful day, but my brother surprised me once again and we headed off to our last destination, Eureka Skydeck 88. The view from the top of the tower was awe aspiring. We clicked a few snaps of the beautiful sky with different shades of golden, blue and hues of pink finally settling to a dark black with the night lights gleaming down the city.

Having seen that and visiting some of the places we could cover in our mini getaway, we headed back to our hotel for a night stay and boarded a flight back to our India the next morning, treasuring a beautiful experience that will forever be etched in the crevices of our minds and hearts. And this trip was made easier due to

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

confessions of my heart: interlude 2

Earlier chapter in this series can be found here...
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 1
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 2
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 3
Confessions Of My Heart: Interlude 1

Confessions Of My Heart: Interlude 2

Dear Armaan,

It’s a cold rainy night with the weak looming ominously ahead.  The rustling of leaves and sweet murmur of the pouring rain are the only sounds that whisper to me. My mind is stirring with a million things yet it is blank and tears are relentlessly rolling down my cheeks.

I’m crying, I can’t help but cry as there is this void that has engulfed me. My heart aches still I try to be strong and it’s breaking me apart each day. I wait, wait for you to come back and hold me in your embrace, loving and caressing me like always. There are days when all I want is to bridge the gap and come running to you as the distance that separates us in not miles apart but hearts apart. But, I can’t do that, can I? When it’s you who’s tearing us apart.

Without you I’m a burned down flame,
Whose ray, no longer lights the way…

A soulless flower, A coast-less bay…
A deemed topaz, A dried sea…
A mirthless bird and a hazy memory…

Without you I’m there but I don’t seem to be,
Come back my love,
As each day now seems like eternity…

I don’t have it in me to say anything more as I’m nothing but an emotional mess. Though you say waiting is a waste of time and I’ll realize it someday yet I will be right here waiting for you. And I wish it were easy but it’s hard to stop loving and say goodbye.


P.S: The poem is written by me.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Melon D’eau Delight

Melon D’eau Delight

Indian summers are hot and scorching and to beat the heat, Team Mumbai presents a very simple drink to beat the summer blaze, “Melon D’eau Delight”

Melon d’eau Delight is not only easy to make but also requires minimum ingredients and time. This would surely delight you as it contains Watermelon which will prevent you from dehydration and help you in retaining the minerals in your body. It contains mint and you can experiment by adding different fruits and toppings as well. Since it has low fats and calories, it is a perfect drink.


To prepare Melon D'eau Delight we require...

Watermelon- 1cup
Lemon juice
Mint leaves
Rock Salt
Cumin Powder
Ice Cubes

Time Req: 10-15 mins


Friends, you can find the steps mentioned above the image. I've listed them step by step. There are in all 3 steps. I've also uploaded a full recipe video for your 'Delight' [also to suggest that this recipe is self-made and please do have a look at it, as it took a lot to make it :)]


Step 1:                                Grind the water melon and do not strain it.


Step 2:           Add cumin powder, rock salt, lemon juice and mint leaves to the melon and mix it.

Step 3: Put ice in the glass and pour the fresh melon juice, garnish with lemon and mint leaves.  
                                                        The drink is ready to serve.

As mentioned at the start I've made the video, so here it is. And please forgive the slight mistakes I've done :D

Some Facts and Nutritional Value :

Do leave your valuable feedback !


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sleepless Dreams

Like fallen petals of a dried red rose,
Hugging herself she bellows,
Reviving his aura and holding his essence,
She reminisces the times of his presence.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drama Queen's Isle

Drama Queen's Isle
Having Sunday Morning Blues (SMB), instead of lazing around in my bed and enjoying this awesome weather..I'm studying for my exam tomorrow..unfair highly unfair...hmmp MMB's (Monday Morning Blues :D) are better than SMB...

This has gotta be ridiculous utterly ridiculous, I've got an exam my mini project exam coming up tomorrow and here I am once again randomly scribbling on my blog...not that this is the first time I'm doing this right before my exams. But I recollect now as I type this post that something similar was done last semester and practically before every exam, seems like a stress buster :D

Hell, seems like I've finally become insane, writing what ever is coming to my mind and all but what can I do, if all I feel like is to brew a hot cuppa of black coffee and sip it slowly and watch the downpour from my bedroom windows...yes it's raining since yesterday and I still haven't got a chance to play in rains :D mum's strict orders you see till tomorrow and I can't even fight back.. :( Nor can snuggle in my blanket with good daydreams or a novel which is none other than Catcher in the Rye that's pending since a long time...

Never mind that, one can always have hopes that that day will come soon when they are free from the cruel tyranny... of studies though the liberty lasts only for a mere couple of days..yet the exhilarating feeling you get can't be confined to words! Mine off-course starts from tomorrow and still I'm whining and being all melodramatic..

Alright now enough of my chatter I really need to go back to studying so I can talk fluently in front of the teachers and earn good points instead of...better not think of anything negative at the moment!

Ciao till we meet again!!! :D


Thursday, May 31, 2012

confessions of my heart: interlude 1

This is an interlude to a story written long back! Confessions of My Heart. I've been meaning to conjure this up since a long time but finally got this together.

The story is a divided into three parts and can be found here, and somehow the interludes basically occur  after chap 2 as chap3 in the end of this series...complicated?? I hope not :)
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 1
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 2
Confessions Of My Heart: Part 3

Confessions Of My Heart: Interlude 1

I finally asked you to dance
On the last slow song
Beneath that moon that was really a disco ball
I can still feel my head on your shoulder
And hoping that song would never be over

The sun sank behind the hilltops and the dark veil gradually began settling at eventide. The fragrance of the wet soil from the rain shower earlier was wafting in the chilly air. He was sitting on his bed idly crooning the song playing on his music player. His fingers adeptly moved along the strings of his guitar and the freshly brewed coffee lay neglected on the nightstand. It was a rather quite night with nothing much to do and he let himself immerse in the memories of her.  

I haven't seen you in ages
Sometimes I find myself
Wondering where you are

It was long since he last saw her though he thought of her on daily basis. It was hard not to think of her, it was like breathing and not living. His mind wandered away and he let his heart dominate once again. He was never the one who fought inner battles but off lately the calm that reigned receded. On a quiet night, on a sunny day, at work or even when in the company of friends he felt empty and alone. He was missing her. So much that, even the beach he had taken a liking to at times like these didn’t sedate his nerves.

For me you'll always be eighteen
And beautiful and dancin' away with my heart

 In these four years of togetherness it was not that they didn’t talk ever, they did but only when he was overwhelmed and overcome by need. A need so primeval and strong that only she could soothe his burning soul. Addiction or love he chose not to name it, at the end a nameless relation was easier to elude with no explanation to offer. It might look absurd to a third person but when had they been an obvious couple. Their relation was unconventional just like them.

I brushed your curls back so I could see your eyes
And the way you moved me was like you were reading my mind
I can still feel you lean into kiss me
I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me

He sighed and drew a long breath, when he remembered their last phone conversation. At least at the moment it was.

“So, this is finally our last talk.” He said. “Is it really??” she asked regaining her composure, before continuing “I just can’t seem to believe it is.”
It was weird that they didn’t speak for a while and let the quaint silence linger a little longer, neither sure how to go about. It was then that he spoke in a neutral tone, “Trapped you finally, didn’t I? Never knew I could come up with something so brilliant.” She smiled, before replying “Yes, you trapped me but not today. The day I fell in love with you was the day I was truly trapped.” He didn’t respond to her for a while as his voice was choked with emotions. He sighed sadly as he spoke, “Good bye and take care.” And all she could muster up was a quiet, “See you, take care.”     

You headed off to college
At the end of that summer and we lost touch
I guess I didn't realize even at that moment we lost so much

Coming out of his reverie, he shook his head to clear his mind of dusty thoughts and forgotten times. This isn't the time for retrospection, he admonished himself. But he couldn’t help but wonder and spoke out loud;   
“What are you for me, Faya? Are you my friend or my girl? Is this new feeling that I have is what I'm supposed to feel for my closest friend, or for the woman I love?”

Sighing contentedly, he sips his now cold coffee as the song on the music player changes. 

Interlude 2 

lady antebellum - dancing away with my heart .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sunday, May 27, 2012

|| Rain ||

|| RAIN ||

Sun sun go away...
Hide someplace faraway...
In cool and splashy rains I wanna play ! :D


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Only Love

Only Love

Stars shine in the deep blue sky,
Drawing a path between You & I…
Murmuring thy love so cherubic,
Making my mind revert to the memories sweet…

Closing my eyes I think of you,
Letting your love slowly course through…
The silent wind upholds promises true,
Casting a smile on my face too…

The rhythmic beat of your heart…
Sounds so soulful and divine,
Quivering I lean and kiss you…
Your lips feel so gentle on mine…

It feels so good and real,
I wish you were really here…
Holding hands, caressing my hair…
Till eyes were heavy and dropping with sleep.

And I know we will someday be,
Content and cherishing…
From daylight to dusk,
Till then its only love that comforts me!