Monday, September 24, 2012


Sometimes you defy your own destiny,
Sometimes you alone are responsible for the woes in your life..
Sometimes you love so much that it becomes suffocation,
Sometimes your truth becomes your lie..
Sometimes you break friendships with your own hands..
Sometimes you be honest and the honesty backfires,
Sometimes you want to cry and not a tear falls..
Sometimes you stab and betray when all you wanted was not too..
Sometimes you know it was love but it comes across as something else...
Sometimes you  are only the cause of your shattered self,
Sometimes you deserve...deserve to be alone and isolated..
Coz sometimes you snatch your own hope and break the one you love...



  1. This is so true.. Dark truth of every bodies life..

  2. WOW..wonderful poetry..what you created is magic..

  3. There are sounds which are deafening, lights which are blinding and words which are shattering.. we experience them all, yet we survive. And this is the essence of life. Behind dark shadows there is a bright light, we just need to remove the obstructions.

  4. I liked the coversational style of this work... thoughts which exist in your mind but we r afarid to confront them...
    because of their rutheless reality..



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