Monday, October 12, 2009


Hope you'll understand some day,
What you thought and what it was...

Hope you'll understand someday,
Friendship is rare but feigning is  everywhere...

Hope you'll understand some day,
Timing is nothing but care is everything...

Hope you'll understand someday,
Love is what is filled in the air...

Hope you'll understand someday,
Falling is nothing but rising from the ashes everything...

Hope you'll understand someday,
Every cloud has a silver lining...

Hope you'll understand someday,
When nothing is there Hope is always there. 


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Love is not taken but given, when given it is doubled and spreads everywhere creating a pristine atmosphere. But when love is taken (received) and is one sided it slowly fades, darkens and lossens the atmosphere and surrounding.
Love is a mutual trust and understanding between two people whose needs and wants are very different , who have different ways of perceiving things,  but love blossoms when they sacrifice little things not for their happiness but for others happiness.
Love is not different nor is it difficult as many of comprehend it, but yes our commitment &  our intensity towards it is different. 
Love is spread everywhere , we just need to open our hearts and be true to ourself and others as well.
I really feel," Happiness is not the source to love but love is the source to happiness."
This is what i really feel and desire i let out my feelings and i hope everyone feels the same.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Love is not what it seems to be,
It is not taken but given,
Love everyone around you, 
And thou shall be loved,
It is hard to get self-less love,
But easy to have self-centered one,
I hope to spread love,
The love that is pure and divine,
Which touches the heart of all,
Whether be rich or poor,
I need not anyone's help,
But, only blessings,
I hope you understand what I say,
And help me cover my way,
I wish to see the world light up,
And live on the hope of love,
As love is everywhere,
But it dosen't seem to be...


Tears Are Words D Heart Can't Express........

Does it happen to you? Do you feel tht you wanna break down n cry...cry till the moment you feel u've emptied ur heart of the worries and misiries tht have bounded you? Do you ever feel u wanna shed a tear, bt ur nt able to? Why? God damn why is it so hard to let go....let go of emotions and feelings tht evoke a sense of nostalgia & give rise to hope ....combined with disparity ....why do ya always feel more than you see? & still there is a carving fr more and u just don't let go, wherein u should.....

Why do you feel you r being reflected in daily walks of life, some part of yourself is seen in movies ..stories..or just anythng general life is just interwoven ...a big blanket of love and coziness protects us from the harsh mornings and chilly nights...Do u eva notice tht deep down ur heart; ur heart desires simple joys and gains happiness from them....Have u ever felt the urge of hugging someone..?? could just be anyone & be comfortable in their arms ...and weep silently onto their shoulders out of happiness and a feeling of security ....Have you..??...

Have you really truly loved someone; and felt like living for them...or do you wish to do tht ....The ans is definately a YES...we all need love ..without it no one can survive neither you nor me....and who says no is feigning and living a lie cannot be lived truly though it is enigmatic and illusory at's worth !! And when you don't have words to thank God for this wondeful life, full of wonderful people n tears well up in ur eyes ...coz tears are the language of the heart and the one who mistakens tears as only sorrow and signs of weakness are truly fools of d first order.....never looked beneath, never felt the need ..always led a superficial life....neva listen to them..tht ur weak and need to get on with life, coz deep down you knw ur not a melancholic person... ur a happy and a vibrant soul with deep emotions in d heart ........ 

And always remember 

"Tears have a different meaning in a different place; all you need to do is to Understand the Hidden Messages...Time n Again.."