Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Love is not taken but given, when given it is doubled and spreads everywhere creating a pristine atmosphere. But when love is taken (received) and is one sided it slowly fades, darkens and lossens the atmosphere and surrounding.
Love is a mutual trust and understanding between two people whose needs and wants are very different , who have different ways of perceiving things,  but love blossoms when they sacrifice little things not for their happiness but for others happiness.
Love is not different nor is it difficult as many of comprehend it, but yes our commitment &  our intensity towards it is different. 
Love is spread everywhere , we just need to open our hearts and be true to ourself and others as well.
I really feel," Happiness is not the source to love but love is the source to happiness."
This is what i really feel and desire ...so i let out my feelings and i hope everyone feels the same.


  1. amazing write...i agree with every single word you said..

    I too tried to define love...have a read..of course at your leisure...

  2. @ The Fallen Poet: I never realized you commented ..Thanks a lot and good to hear that even you feel the same!

    I'll surely have a read :)

    Take Care,


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