Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sugar Me

It was eventide; the moon was aglow and stars adorned the black sky. She was standing blindfolded on the deck of a luxuries yacht. The cool breeze was blowing swiftly ruffling her long lustrous locks and her sari making her shiver. It was their first wedding anniversary and he wanted it to be memorable for her.

She was dressed in a dark midnight blue sari with a silver low cut blouse with just minimal jewelry and bangles. She was walking slowly with her hands outstretched trying to find him but he just kept on slipping. He watched her amusedly as her anklets jingled melodiously and he felt heat rise up in his body as he slowly walked towards her. Stealthy he came and stood behind her coiling her in his arms. Smiling she stretched her neck to the left, allowing him to kiss there. His eyes glinted as he brushed them across her smooth skin before leaving a kiss there. This is when she took off her blindfold.

“Armaan…” she let out and relaxed in his hold gently placing her palm on his face, gliding it down his neck past his cheeks and lips. She smiled and said, “I wasn’t expecting this.”

“I know...” he replied entwining his fingers with her pulling her close, inhaling in her sweet scent.

“What are you up to? Let me go, you’re not touching me at least not so soon.” She said slipping away from his hold.

So she wants to play, he mused. Very well then two can play this game, smirking he walked towards her picking her up in his arms nuzzling her neck.

“Put me down this very instant” she muttered and glared at him. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, he slowly dropped her to the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I planned all this for you and there you are glaring at me. Care to tell me what is the problem?” was all he managed to say trying to keep his anger at bay.

She was trying to suppress her smirk but it was just impossible. Keeping a straight face devoid of sweetness she replied, “That stubble of yours, your priced possession well that’s my problem. I simply do not like it!”

“Huh! What’s there to be so miffed about? I look sexy, don’t tell me you don’t like your husband to look good.” He replied coolly liking her irritation.  

“I recall a particular conversation…” she began and drifted away for a second before continuing “Well I’m sure you can recall, can’t you?” making his face go pale.

“So this is revenge, isn’t it?” he asked hesitantly.

“Tit for Tat, my dear husband. You either shave that stubble of yours or crave. The choice is entirely yours. And yes, do not give me the excuse you haven't carried your Gillette shaving kit because I personally took care of it sweetheart.” She whispered slyly kissing him lightly on his lips before heading back to the table amidst the candles and roses.  

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We've heard this a million times, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied but have we ever really thought over it twice and tried to change the situation. Yes, we have and we've failed umpteen number of times. But how long can someone take in and not protest??

The condition has just deteriorated from bad to worse, it's just sickening to read and watch all this and what more is pitiful is the reaction from the government. I just can't seem to believe how can some men be so brutal that not only do they rape them, but have the courage to go about saying it's the womans fault that she did not dress up properly. Where is the equality. where is justice?? Is this what we call democracy and live in and this makes me really question are we really living in an independent India??

It's not just about the Delhi gang rape case, it's about the countless number of victims who've suffered the agony and justice has not been given, the accused who should have been behind bars is roaming freely while the life of the girl is in shambles and destroyed. Why can't the government for once take things seriously? Are they that heartless that they cannot see the inhumane behavior of these men who inflict such torture on women?

I know we are demanding capital punishment, but killing those men is not the only solution what is more needed is maximum protection and stringent laws. Unfortunately we lack both. Sometimes, I feel we should adopt some of the Gulf laws though they are stringent, follow castration rule  at least they are better and the culprits do not always get away easily.

The thought just struck me..why rape?? I do not even get the concept of raping someone, it's not just a heinous crime but more of human annihilation. All you want is sex right? so go to a prostitute whose willing then again there are several girls who are trafficked on a daily basis and thrown into this shoddy world. The concept of spoiling someone's life for mere carnal pleasure is alien to me and I can't digest it.

I wish even I could do something, but since I'm unable too I'm writing though I dunno if it's effective or not but at least it's better than not voicing your opinion and fighting for justice. It feels so unsafe that you do not know if you can step out of house at night and return freely as even the police fails to protect us, and it's not just Delhi even the other metros are equally affected. It's high time laws are amended, action is taken and there is a change in the mindset of people putting a stop a to this shame.

Women need to be able to live freely and not just breathe.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mischief Managed

Far away in a land of dreams
You get what you wish
With a swish and flick
You wave your wand
Changing your hairstyle
From Modern to traditional
Wavy to smooth
And get the perfect straight hair!

I was happy with my long lustrous wavy locks but looking around it seemed everyone was into straight. All I got to hear was, “I got the perfect smooth and silky hair” and it drove me crazy. Alas! We don't live in a magical world and so we've got no wands and potions to change hairstyles without any hassle, so this year on Eid I decided to venture into this unknown arena with my new found obsession of getting straight hair  off course without magic. Being low on budget I couldn't even afford going to a parlor so I thought of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ though I had no idea what to do and how to go about it.

To begin with I spent hours thinking of a simple yet effective way to tame my curls, it was then that the iron yes the device that you straighten your rumpled clothes with came to my rescue. Though it was a risky job I was up for it.

Since it was not a single person job, my younger sister assisted my in this wacky experimentation.

Having washed and dried my hair of excess water, I brushed my hair a bit so that they do not tangle. Once I was done with this, I applied a Heat Tamer spray to keep my hair safe from damage and I was glad that I do watch the idiot box called television as I had seen the advertisement of the product there. Coming back, once I was done with this I placed a fluffy towel on the flat iron board and lay my head on the towel spreading my hair and again covering my hair with a thinner cloth. Once this was done, my sister very carefully slid the iron atop my hair as if ironing the clothes. After a minute or two and I couldn't believe my hair were no more wavy but flowing smoothly. And to retain the longevity and getting the frizz under control I applied some hair spray.

Ultimately after, such a simple yet tedious process I got the perfect straight hair. And what’s more awesome is it didn't take much time and is home effective.

In fact, I tried another technique my mom's secret and simple recipe for straight hair. Apply warm mustard oil overnight so that the hair soaks the oil. Wash hairs the next day with water do not use shampoo while washing. Air dry your hair, once this is done oil your hair with the same mustard oil again. Leave it oiled for a day. This time wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cold water as it leaves a shiny effect on the hair after drying. Allow your hair to dry naturally. And Tada! you will find your hair to be smooth, shiny and straight! But you need to do this procedure twice a month, easy and feasible isn't it. :)

The third and final option I tried last month , though it was not this much effective neither the effects long lasting but it is a quick quick method. All you got to do is, after washing once the hair are slightly dry tie them tightly for a while. After an hour or so open them up and place heavy books atop them while you lie down and get a power nap. At least being an engineering student I have loads of heavy books and want loads of sleep so no worries!

Friday, December 14, 2012

walking on air

There is so much to write so much to express but I just don't have words. So, I'm just gonna pen down some moments, they are always small moments that make me happy I do not need big things to brighten up my day.

So without further ado, here are the ones that made my day today :D

1. Theory exams got over yesterday and I breathed a sigh of relief, happy that the piles of notes and books have finally vanished from sight !

2. Not that I haven't had cutting chai before but today for the first time had it on a typical chai stall, the kind of one they show on television where the poor beaten down hero goes to drink tea and mourns for his lover but I wasn't gloomy, I was happy and with a friend :D

3. A friend, a special friend called me for the first time today making me jump and even making me forget I had sprained my ankle sometime back. Good thing, the sprain is gone and since then I'm more happy happy..kisi k nazar na lage ;)

4. Felt someone close..too close today whose far away, well neither we spoke nor did we meet but something happened or rather saw something !

5. Talked to my sis on skype, video chat and did all sorts of antics we could possibly do..hehe

6. Last but not the least, I activated my FB account yesterday after almost 3 long months :D

Woo Hoo...all in all 14th December, 2012 was one of the awesomest (if that's even a word) day! Thank you Allah for making it memorable and even the people in my life :)

Have a great day folks!