Friday, December 14, 2012

walking on air

There is so much to write so much to express but I just don't have words. So, I'm just gonna pen down some moments, they are always small moments that make me happy I do not need big things to brighten up my day.

So without further ado, here are the ones that made my day today :D

1. Theory exams got over yesterday and I breathed a sigh of relief, happy that the piles of notes and books have finally vanished from sight !

2. Not that I haven't had cutting chai before but today for the first time had it on a typical chai stall, the kind of one they show on television where the poor beaten down hero goes to drink tea and mourns for his lover but I wasn't gloomy, I was happy and with a friend :D

3. A friend, a special friend called me for the first time today making me jump and even making me forget I had sprained my ankle sometime back. Good thing, the sprain is gone and since then I'm more happy happy..kisi k nazar na lage ;)

4. Felt someone close..too close today whose far away, well neither we spoke nor did we meet but something happened or rather saw something !

5. Talked to my sis on skype, video chat and did all sorts of antics we could possibly do..hehe

6. Last but not the least, I activated my FB account yesterday after almost 3 long months :D

Woo Hoo...all in all 14th December, 2012 was one of the awesomest (if that's even a word) day! Thank you Allah for making it memorable and even the people in my life :)

Have a great day folks!



  1. So true.. Happiness lies in little things indeed :)

  2. @ Green Speck: Thank too :D

  3. @ Zeba: They're good aren't they :)


  4. :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Welcome back darlz! :)

  5. hello....first visit to ur blog :-)
    have days r also gng somewat like u,but its been few days since my exams over now :-)

  6. @ clouds: Thanks a lot dear..
    Welcome Aboard :)



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