Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We've heard this a million times, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied but have we ever really thought over it twice and tried to change the situation. Yes, we have and we've failed umpteen number of times. But how long can someone take in and not protest??

The condition has just deteriorated from bad to worse, it's just sickening to read and watch all this and what more is pitiful is the reaction from the government. I just can't seem to believe how can some men be so brutal that not only do they rape them, but have the courage to go about saying it's the womans fault that she did not dress up properly. Where is the equality. where is justice?? Is this what we call democracy and live in and this makes me really question are we really living in an independent India??

It's not just about the Delhi gang rape case, it's about the countless number of victims who've suffered the agony and justice has not been given, the accused who should have been behind bars is roaming freely while the life of the girl is in shambles and destroyed. Why can't the government for once take things seriously? Are they that heartless that they cannot see the inhumane behavior of these men who inflict such torture on women?

I know we are demanding capital punishment, but killing those men is not the only solution what is more needed is maximum protection and stringent laws. Unfortunately we lack both. Sometimes, I feel we should adopt some of the Gulf laws though they are stringent, follow castration rule  at least they are better and the culprits do not always get away easily.

The thought just struck me..why rape?? I do not even get the concept of raping someone, it's not just a heinous crime but more of human annihilation. All you want is sex right? so go to a prostitute whose willing then again there are several girls who are trafficked on a daily basis and thrown into this shoddy world. The concept of spoiling someone's life for mere carnal pleasure is alien to me and I can't digest it.

I wish even I could do something, but since I'm unable too I'm writing though I dunno if it's effective or not but at least it's better than not voicing your opinion and fighting for justice. It feels so unsafe that you do not know if you can step out of house at night and return freely as even the police fails to protect us, and it's not just Delhi even the other metros are equally affected. It's high time laws are amended, action is taken and there is a change in the mindset of people putting a stop a to this shame.

Women need to be able to live freely and not just breathe.


  1. True dear! I'm with your thoughts. Justice delayed is justice denied. These rapists shouldn't be killed No, not so soon. They should be castrated in public, tortured like hell that they themselves beg for death, then hanged!

  2. Thats the only demand. Dont just ill them, they deserve the pain .

    Very True and we should act asap to bring a sexual harassment free nation

  3. The problem lies in the mentality of people. That is influenced by a whole lot of factors. We can't say men are at fault neither the fairer sex is at fault, the problem lies somewhere else. Police can't be blamed as a handful of them can't protect each and every one in crores of population here. Govt. already gives up very easily, then who to blame? a strong change is required, revolution! and not that in law order alone, but in the human nature imbibed deep inside. Once that is changed, other will follow the suit!

  4. Good Stuff!
    Also, let's STOP being hypocrites and STOP electing Rape-accused to parliament!

  5. @ Everyone: I agree with everything you all have said. And I really hope there is change and even though she is no more alive, justice is delivered not just to her but every girl living in this not-so-safe country!

    And her death not go in vain..
    Thanks a lot for expressing your thoughts out here !



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