Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sugar Me

It was eventide; the moon was aglow and stars adorned the black sky. She was standing blindfolded on the deck of a luxuries yacht. The cool breeze was blowing swiftly ruffling her long lustrous locks and her sari making her shiver. It was their first wedding anniversary and he wanted it to be memorable for her.

She was dressed in a dark midnight blue sari with a silver low cut blouse with just minimal jewelry and bangles. She was walking slowly with her hands outstretched trying to find him but he just kept on slipping. He watched her amusedly as her anklets jingled melodiously and he felt heat rise up in his body as he slowly walked towards her. Stealthy he came and stood behind her coiling her in his arms. Smiling she stretched her neck to the left, allowing him to kiss there. His eyes glinted as he brushed them across her smooth skin before leaving a kiss there. This is when she took off her blindfold.

“Armaan…” she let out and relaxed in his hold gently placing her palm on his face, gliding it down his neck past his cheeks and lips. She smiled and said, “I wasn’t expecting this.”

“I know...” he replied entwining his fingers with her pulling her close, inhaling in her sweet scent.

“What are you up to? Let me go, you’re not touching me at least not so soon.” She said slipping away from his hold.

So she wants to play, he mused. Very well then two can play this game, smirking he walked towards her picking her up in his arms nuzzling her neck.

“Put me down this very instant” she muttered and glared at him. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, he slowly dropped her to the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I planned all this for you and there you are glaring at me. Care to tell me what is the problem?” was all he managed to say trying to keep his anger at bay.

She was trying to suppress her smirk but it was just impossible. Keeping a straight face devoid of sweetness she replied, “That stubble of yours, your priced possession well that’s my problem. I simply do not like it!”

“Huh! What’s there to be so miffed about? I look sexy, don’t tell me you don’t like your husband to look good.” He replied coolly liking her irritation.  

“I recall a particular conversation…” she began and drifted away for a second before continuing “Well I’m sure you can recall, can’t you?” making his face go pale.

“So this is revenge, isn’t it?” he asked hesitantly.

“Tit for Tat, my dear husband. You either shave that stubble of yours or crave. The choice is entirely yours. And yes, do not give me the excuse you haven't carried your Gillette shaving kit because I personally took care of it sweetheart.” She whispered slyly kissing him lightly on his lips before heading back to the table amidst the candles and roses.  

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

    All the best for the contest ..

    and now I am off to shave off .. dont want revenge taken on me now he he he


  2. feel bad for the guy who put in so much effort , but alas for got to shave , well deserved !

    here's my story :

  3. Hello Fatima, Its been long since you visited my blog... I was very very busy, but I never forget the lovely way you left your foot prints on my space... Thank you so much...

    Secondly, I loved your story Fatima, I was expecting it to grow little more naughty, but as it is for a contest, this much sincerely gives the message... :) Truly Loved the way you expressed... :) :) :)


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