Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Musings #1

Random Musings #1

Well this is not some series or anything of a particular genre, this one will just contain things that are mere abstractions it could be just dissecting particular emotions or life in general. Another important thing is this is not about me the reason I mentioned this is, since I usually have a soft corner for melancholic writings people feel I'm sad and temme to cheer up that's not done :-/ so I thought of informing prior :D 

This particular post is inspired by this pic and written in first person...Hope you enjoy reading! Do give your valuable feedback :)

Until Forever’s Gone…

It was nearing midnight and my mood was surprisingly languid, it was that particular moment when I didn’t feel like thinking or following the practicalities of life and society but to let my mind and heart reel freely. I sat there perching besides the window seating idly murmuring songs that seemed like some incoherent mumbling but it hardly mattered as I had none to please and just soothe myself.

 It was in moments like these when I wondered how it would feel to revel in you and bask in your love, to love and to be loved back by you! But tonight astonishingly a certain unknown fear gripped me amplifying my pulse rate turning my beat and breath erratic, it was then that I realized that I was too sensitive and terribly lonely; I somehow didn’t realize when the phase from being social turned solitary but it sure was a gradual process. In a flash love seemed a farfetched thing and all that I needed now was a friend, a person who befriended me despite my flaws, my uncanny nature and my fickle mood swings because even I was no ideal perfect person. Letting out a sigh I crawl back to my bed and wait for weariness to take over and lull me to sleep taking me to the world of dreams where life though is not full of glee but someone somewhere is there with me.

In moments of despair,
It’s not always love that you need,
It’s just a true and caring friend that will suffice.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You & Me

You & Me 

With the arrival of a new dawn,
Memories glisten like drops of dew...
It feels like just yesterday,
When you and me had met...

Breaking from my reverie,
I realize years have elapsed...
Leaving me and you together,
To cherish our coming days!


P.S: Wishing you a very Happy Diwali :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3:

He ran hard and fast stopping at the lone abandoned bench in the midst of the forest. Sitting down he let out a rugged sigh realizing the mess he was entangled in; reflecting back he realized life had been peaceful and full of mirth with her, until a very prominent part of past returned evoking chaos!

P.S: I hope you understood what I meant by "her" and "past".

Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Incomplete Story....

Tonight I feel the need to be engulfed in your arms,
Rest my head on your heart,
And listen to the rhythm that surrounds,
Forgetting the world around…

A moment of bliss,
A moment of joy,
Hoping you won’t deny…
Is all that I have been wishing.

I don’t know how does it feel,
To be loved by the one you love,
For once I wish to be there,
To feel and revel.

To stare in your eyes,
To look in your soul,
To melt and merge in you,
Though it only last for a day…

I wish I were the key,
To unlock the doors of your heart,
And know I’m the one,
Who resides in thee…

Tonight yet again I feel the need,
To be the laughter in your silence,
The memory in your moments,
And the song that your heart sings…

- Fatima