Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Musings #1

Random Musings #1

Well this is not some series or anything of a particular genre, this one will just contain things that are mere abstractions it could be just dissecting particular emotions or life in general. Another important thing is this is not about me the reason I mentioned this is, since I usually have a soft corner for melancholic writings people feel I'm sad and temme to cheer up that's not done :-/ so I thought of informing prior :D 

This particular post is inspired by this pic and written in first person...Hope you enjoy reading! Do give your valuable feedback :)

Until Forever’s Gone…

It was nearing midnight and my mood was surprisingly languid, it was that particular moment when I didn’t feel like thinking or following the practicalities of life and society but to let my mind and heart reel freely. I sat there perching besides the window seating idly murmuring songs that seemed like some incoherent mumbling but it hardly mattered as I had none to please and just soothe myself.

 It was in moments like these when I wondered how it would feel to revel in you and bask in your love, to love and to be loved back by you! But tonight astonishingly a certain unknown fear gripped me amplifying my pulse rate turning my beat and breath erratic, it was then that I realized that I was too sensitive and terribly lonely; I somehow didn’t realize when the phase from being social turned solitary but it sure was a gradual process. In a flash love seemed a farfetched thing and all that I needed now was a friend, a person who befriended me despite my flaws, my uncanny nature and my fickle mood swings because even I was no ideal perfect person. Letting out a sigh I crawl back to my bed and wait for weariness to take over and lull me to sleep taking me to the world of dreams where life though is not full of glee but someone somewhere is there with me.

In moments of despair,
It’s not always love that you need,
It’s just a true and caring friend that will suffice.



  1. i thought koi hot si pic hogi~~
    yahan to padhai likhai ki baate hain

  2. midnight ramblings r always so straight from heart!
    There r times when u feel lonely and lost and when u realize that everyone is equally alone in their lives at one point or the other u take a decision to befriend ur own self and believe me its the wisest :)


  3. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    The sense of loneliness is quite palpable.
    We all need love...not just the relationship kind between partners, but the love from friendship/companionship.

    Hauntingly beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Beautiful Winds Of India


  4. Can I say this is the very best I have ever read from you?

    Like, it has a polished and distinguished demeanor. It is also something I strongly connect with, hence that propelled me into dissecting the other attributes of the piece as well.

    The language takes the cake all the time in your case. However, over here it is particularly arduous to make out what appeals more out of the language and the sentiment!


  5. "when being social turned to solitary"-loved the line and the imagery created here is very powerful:-)

    we all need someone--matters little whether we call him a lover or a friend!

  6. friends are a blessing for srue .. and true at times its a friend that we need ...


  7. true.. friends are always one step ahead of all relations.. And I love this new template..

    Someone is Special

  8. If only dreams could turn true..and not remain mere dreams..
    Sometimes we don't know what will suffice and what wont but once when we realize we can instantly feel the need for it grow from some to so much..

    Very serene a feels as if from right distress to total soothing..

  9. Quite agree with Kankshita. :) Beautifully written.

  10. Hey
    When you sent me the draft, I was pretty sure it would turn out to be great. And it did!
    Nice :)

  11. I felt so connected to it. One doesn't need a bunch of friends thronging around, because a true friend can be more than enough to light up the magic which burns in solitary moments.


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