Monday, August 15, 2011

Paper is Patient than Man !!

Paper is Patient than Man !!

At this moment instead of penning down this write up which technically isn’t a write up but just an emotional vent out, I should be doing my mid-term seminar report whose submission is due tomorrow but somehow I just can’t concentrate on the task at hand and ended up crying now that’s really silly of me….lol I can’t believe I was unable to cry some days back and now I’m crying as if some tragedy has befallen me…

So much so that I’ve distanced myself from people whom I call friends, hardly feel like talking to them though none may agree to it coz I still keep on chattering non-stop and the reason is I don’t want those guys to worry about me…on a serious note I really dunno how many of them really and actually care..but it doesn’t matter anymore you see…and even the fact that I hardly feel like socializing and meeting buddies, I can’t avoid the ones I meet everyday can I ?? Hell no, if I do so I’ll be labeled as Anti-Social and hey I can’t even bear that tag…messed up you see…

I’m such a tube light at times…A friend of mine had requested me to write a poem on Independence Day..but I got so stuck up in work that I forgot about it until today morning…I felt like I wish I had taken some time out from the hectic schedule for myself and written something what’s the point in running away...but was I really running away I dunno ?? If, yes then from whom myself or the world….guess me only I don’t really care about the world anymore apart from the people who make my world and are a part of it…and I really miss some of them though lemme be true to you…there are barely 3-4 people who comprise in my little world :) and I love them to the core..they are those who I call my friends….on Saturday I was missing one of them as it was Rakshabhandan and today like always I’m missing one such friend a lot, doesn’t mean I don’t miss others but sometimes its someone specific and that feeling just can’t be expressed or explained, Absence and Distance does make the heart grow fonder…earlier just quoted it for the sake of it and now believe it… wonderful !!

I very well know all that’s written over here doesn’t make any sense at least it does to me at this moment dunno about if this will make sense, when this phase passes….but I guess that’s the way it is…and why to keep things bottled up in your heart and trouble your own self…best to let it out in words… In fact, somewhere I’m really happy this is my first blog post made from my lappy though it doesn’t truly reflect me but just a glimpse of my emotions that have been running high since quite a time…

 I dunno why but I’m having this urge to share some three line verse I had written long long back at the end of this post…I really dunno if it’ll make sense as the end note but doesn’t matter does it ?? So here they go,

“Your stole my words before I could speak, 
Shattered my heart even before I could cherish my feelings…
And now I’m only left with forlorn hope.”
Finally feeling good to have let out….in deed Paper is Patient than Man!


P.S: I know I'm being too lazy and I din comment or as a matter of fact have not read any of the recent blog post...but I hope to read them soon.