Friday, March 25, 2011

Do Good Feel Good !

Do Good Feel Good !

Care for others selflessly without any expectations.....
The world still needs altruistic and humble people,
who are happy when others are happy
 Love is Life and Life is to bring joy and happiness in 
other people's world and their heart ! 

Who knows someone might be waiting for them 
and only you can deliver it to them...

No one knows except the Almighty :)


P.S: Always smile it bridges the gap between people... Take Care  :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lonesome Seasons….

Lonesome Seasons...

March, April and May;
Hoping the sunshine will brighten the day.

Sunrays disperse themselves in the sky,
Unclogging the gloom obscuring the view,
Still contented, she smiles and sways…
As the sun blazes in the noon’s of May!

June, July and August;
Wishing the showers will wash the pain away.

The rainbow peeks through the sky,
Giving her hope, he will soon come home…
Longing and praying for his arrival,
Every year June just passes by!

September, October and November;
Reminiscing the memories buried deep within the heart.

Faded and crumpled, she lies
Just like the leaves beneath the sky…
Enamored and enchanted by his aura,
The November mist slowly glides!

December, January and February;
Waiting for love to gently course its way.

Basking in the subtle sun,
And enclosing the surging emotions,
She tries to elude bouts of melancholy…
In the cold and dark December nights!

Yet not living in an illusion,
Nor waiting for life to turn into a fairy tale…
She smiles with her heart and says,
I still love and live life, come what may!


P.S: The condition of people waiting for their loved ones back home when they are away for months or years at a stretch....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a Thought !

At the end its a matter of perception, what you see as melancholic may not necessary be melancholy but just the absence of joy !


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Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is one of the earliest poems ever written by me....actually written for a friend wanted to cheer her up for some reasons she was down ! Realized today that I never posted it on the blog...
better late than never :)
So here it goes.....hope you guys like it !


Whenever you look outside the window,
You see things have changed
And people have moved on,
And you feel you have nothing left
Ah! no you have,a bundle of memories!
Memories are the only door to the future & windows to the past,
They reflect you today
But don't conceal your past,
Don't be depressed over what happened yesterday,
But, vow today not to let it happen tomorrow;
For life is only once lived
But the nostalgia lives forever!