Monday, February 28, 2011

.....Midnight Monologue.....

.....Midnight Monologue.....

The night cold and frosty...
Confines me to an unknown pain,
There is a conflict surging,
Between me and my soul.

Sitting in a clustered room,
By the narrow window pane,
The hands of the clock slowly tick by...
As I wait for the moon to shine at the night.

Tears don't trickle by,
Nor stars adore the beautiful sky... 
Waiting for spring to arrive, 
I die a thousand deaths in fall...

Writers Note:  Ruffled, lost and a wounded soul....silence is all I wish to embrace now although silence is a silent killer. Guess I'm sounding too weak and depressed am I the only one to feel so or there are other people on this planet like me? Exam in 2 days time and I barely remember anything, just blank and here I wanted to score good grades make up for the losses, so frustrated with my poor health and everything other too... wanna do so much but failing and the moment just wanna break free...Very well know this is the wrong attitude but can't help it; but its nowhere related to the fact that what I'm studying.. I want to leave that or pursue something its not that at all I'm contented with what I'm doing I really am  (some people who know me might feel this is the reason hell no its not!)

Just unable to understand how can a determined person whose always struggled and fought and came out with flying colours suddenly become so fragile and vulnerable and can't seem to find an end to this unending and deserted maze??  Something is seriously wrong dunno exactly what it is...not even able to voice out my inhibitions verbally nor can anyone read my silence...Trying to clutch to something and feel as its slipping away... everyone will tell me you're demotivating yourself and that you just can't say like this, this is the height of immaturity and feebleness but I dunno I'm unable to escape its clutches whatever it is...sigh 

P.S: I dunno whether it's right on my part to post this on my blog rather than write it down somewhere in my diary where no one knows about it....but then I guess I post everything out here and hence, even this........


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Time in a Row!

Alright...This is the first time I'm getting an award and to be frank I'm too happy as I din get it from 1 person but 2 people and I'm really grateful to them that they liked my work and well thought of me to be worthy of it. It means a lot and the joy I'm experiencing at the moment is much more than I can describe in words!

Thanks a lot Eon and Valli for this award, I do not have words to thank you guys, I was just about to post a Thank You in the morning to Eon when I came to know that even Valli has given me one and I was surprised to react at that moment ! And to be true, these two people are awesome poets...they weave a certain magic and transport you in a different world....not everyone can write beautifully poems and they are the ones who write really well!!!

Now comes 7 things about me and myself: 

1) I'm the most unpredictable girl you'll ever come across and my mood changes just like the wind.

2) I can be very philosophical at times and a complete opposite the other.

3) I'm in love with darkness more than the light and find it to be more enchanting, powerful and positive than light.

4) A real big chatterbox and it need not be said coz those who know me do know this aspect very well.

5) I can be selfish and diplomatic at times and not give a damn to the other person's feelings at times, though  I'm a sensitive person.

6) I never knew I had a flair for writing until after my 11th std when one of my friends accidentally read one of my quotes and a small verse.

7) Last but not the least I'm very lazy and I love to sleep, can sleep anywhere at any given hour even in a lecture if I find it boring, that's one real bad thing about me.

I would like to pass on this award to: ( Names Arranged as they come in Blog List)

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To the ppl i have mentioned above, there are a few things you are expected to do after this...they are:

a. Write down seven things about yourself.
b. Pass it on to people you feel deserve it.
c. Ask them to follow suit.
d. Continue writing those beautiful posts.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dream Of You !

Dream Of You ! 

Sounds of the bittersweet melody,
Resonates deep within my soul...
As I lay there hoping for warmth after the coldness has gone.
I know it ain't the case and I shouldn't expect,
As I know I've blown all the chances that've come my way,
Yet there is a forlorn hope, that you truly didn't walk away....

You gave me hope, you gave me joy...
You were my light at the end of the night,
Time passed by and days too rolled
Yet there is a question that still looms...
Why did you teach me to walk again? 
When you were to leave me crumpled all alone on my own....

It's not that I did not try,
A little more time is all that I needed
Or maybe just a bit of love would have done...
I was just too scared to confess and too insecure to lose,
Lost and confused is what I was back then,
Yet it was me who had to choose.

I dunno why I still love you?
When all I should do is try to forget you....
I'm not stalking nor am I insane,
But I just can't seem to let go...
Wearing a smile on my face and a frown in my heart...
I lead my life in thy memoirs....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Pinch of Hope !


A Pinch of Hope !

Before sunlight can shine,
An enchanting darkness smiles !

Lilies bloom and leaves rustle,
And a never ending gloom settles.

The moon is aglow and a starry night engulfs,
Leaving behind trails of lone memories to revive.

Time flees as birds fly,
Turning dusk to dawn and kindles hope.

Retracing the path that I walked on,
I gleam and shimmer like a new  born.

P.S: This poem was written on a prompt..."Before the sunlight can shine." on Dec 21st!