Saturday, May 7, 2011


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(This is actually the Post #5...a continuation from this series Post #4)

"As the rain drops caress my soul, let them caress yours too,
Let your guards down and enjoy the heavenly pleasure
of soaking in contentment and glee,
Gathering happy memories with you and giving way to more,
Letting your mistakes and past flow and purify you to the core,
Enjoy this wonderful weather...
With a smile and joy in your eyes like I do !"

        The December rains always leave me in a trance, heavy rainfall accompanied by snowfall later mesmerizes me as the weather is considerably below and beautiful and that adds to the unending expanse of scenic beauty as romance is in the air.

        Unlike other days, today I'm sitting by the window pane and enjoying the pleasant and exotic beauty of nature contemplating how there was a time when I freely twirled and swirled in the rains and soaked my soul and was the most boisterous girl in the locality, but now I just admire and enjoy the beauty silently just like a demure soul. It is not that I'm a shy person or that melancholy has hit me oft recently it's just I'm observing and looking at life through a different angle. I'm not ignorant but an observant, "Joys and sorrows are a part and parcel of life, one sleeps whilst the other is awake!"  I learnt this from him I learnt a lot from him. He showed me the true meaning of love, concern and friendship. When people sympathized with me, he was empathetic to me. He was like the light in darkness and penetrated my abode with ease when others found it crooky. And though we may be apart, we are very much together.

"Twirling and swirling in the rain,
Drenching my soul,
A lone tear escapes...
I wonder and let out a sigh."

         Somewhere, same time he was walking through crooked lanes and narrow roads and enjoying the ethereal beauty of nature, he was not much of a person who admired nature but since the advent of her in his life he gained joy even in the smallest of things. Children danced and giggled in the rains, vendors sold their stuff each and everything was peaceful amidst the chaos. He felt like a free bird, raring and exuberant exploring the world and a thousand Watt smile lingered on his face remembering the words, "Hey, Mayank you walking with an umbrella in these rains? I know its an absurd question to ask but God you seriously don't know how to savor such a beautiful moment!" Tamanna's words rang loudly in his mind.

        With that he folded his umbrella and was contented covering the further journey soaking himself completely. He imagined Tamanna dancing in the rains and urging him to join her; the one girl who taught him to enjoy small moments of life despite the fact being a little depressed herself at times. She was really an enigma to him, and there she called him a mystery waiting to unfold. A lone tear escaped his eyes just remembering those beautiful moments!  

P.S: The girl described earlier in the first para is Tamanna.


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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

....Jaane Anjaane....

....Jaane Anjaane....

Bewafa na mein, bewafa na woh...
Zindagi ke mele mein,
Pyaar ke khel mein,
Tanhan hoon mein, tanhan hai woh....

Phool aur kaantein,
Raastein mein beche hai dono...
Girte sambhalte aapni manzil ki aur chalte,
Bahar aur patjhad ke jaise hum milte bichadte...

Zindagi ke iss khel mein,
Anjaan se safar mein,
Tanhan hoon mein...
Najaane kaisa hai woh?


P.S: A poem in Urdu after long back though its a bit small...hope you guys like it, will wait for your comments as well as constructive criticism as always... :)