Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eternal Feeling...

It’s so very beautiful to fall in love … really even better than what I watched in movies and read in novels. Now I realize watching love reading about love and seeing people in love is nothing compared to being in love… the bliss and the contentment can only be felt when you’re truly in love with someone.

Love is not to want but to give, give yourself selflessly.. I at times wonder why people feel that when love is one sided it fades away I do get that it remains incomplete but then if your love is true how can it fade away ?? how can that phase pass away so soon ?? I do know that it is very painful really painful to see that the one you love doesn’t love you back … but then why grieve ? no point in it… At least you can be happy with the times you shared and the memories you made! They’ll  always be close to your heart and soul.

In life there is nothing incomplete if you feel it is then there’s a lot more to it you just need to wait for the time being coz life doesn’t leave anything incomplete god does complete it and returns it to us some way or the other. What really matters in the end is the faith and hope that is there in your heart…coz Wait is Hope!!