Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post #4

Its just a random conversation....a part of this series  Post #3

Post #4 

It was a warm evening after a hot and hectic day, they took a stroll down the winding road trying to figure out things between themselves, trying to talk but as usual none took the initiative and were silently walking, when she suddenly broke the silence....

You know at times you feel you had someone in your life to lean on maybe emotional support, to love and to cherish but then other times I feel this all is too clichéd and you just can't expect these things...they are just like an illusion.  

He thought for a while before replying, Some people do get it, don’t they?? Apart from that fact despite the many differences there is one thing that’s common between us…

And what could that be, she retorted back almost instantly?

He was again dumbfounded at the intensity with which she was taking things forward gazing towards the sky he spoke in a neutral tone, No matter how much we carve for love…no matter how much we carve for that rare illusion, but the storm raging within ourselves never seems to cease and we continue to shower our feelings to the people we love and at times it crosses it limits and if we didn’t have anything in common do you think today you and me would have been here together?

This time round she took time to process all that he had said, Hmm…yes there is a bit similarity but yet the gap between us is too much as in the emotional and egoistic bridge. You can be too egoistic and I more on the emotional front and to bridge this gap you should be too compromising and I should give more space then necessary but then is it possible as none is ready to sacrifice after all one is calculative while the other is deceptive though  having our own sets of inhibitions!

He smiled genuinely taking her hand in his and continued walking in silence after all, silence is what they best understood in each other.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Melancholy of Bliss...

Melancholy of Bliss...

The blurry blue lights brighten up the hill,
Yet the intense pain doesn't seem to still..
Making my mind all jumbled and tumbled
I try to seek solace in the unending deep blue sky !

I'm in a muddle, trapped in a torrent...
The waves pass by my shore and drag me in,
Have I become numb to pain?
Or is that I now truly know happiness ?

Stuck up in between fearing and believing...
Never knew what love really meant..
But the void now seems to fill,
As you've somehow coloured my soul.

In the bottom of my heart,
I know that you'll forever wait..
But my mind seems alien to all this,
And coaxes me that its all in vain.

The locks have now found the keys,
To the veiled emotions that dwell in my heart...
Reaching the end of the unending maze...
My eyes meet yours with a sparkling gaze.....

P.S: Wrote it randomly and used the picture as the prompt !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

True Joy !!

SO INNOCENT..............

                 Children the word itself is so delightful that words such as altruistic, naive, loving, gentle come to our mind. The best years of one's life are the childhood days; but then this is not always true as pangs and sufferings of some also surround us.
          Words cannot describe the immense pain that several undergo ...even though they might not tell about their grief but their heart tells so eyes are the windows to ones heart. If you can read a persons eyes, you can understand the person and his feelings. But despite preaching all this among our fellow beings how many of us really follow this practically and understand it's true meaning? Well very few! The earth is burdened yes, burdened with a plethora of people who live for just themselves and don't see others... their needs or their sufferings, these are the people who should come out of their shells and look what life really is ! Life is not only about enjoying the bounties and earning a hefty amount it's about understanding one another and spreading love and bringing joy and happiness in others life.
            Ask an orphan who never saw his parents,whatever be the reason his feelings and sufferings remain same..they are waiting for someone; someone to call their own. The ecstasy of a child being adopted is far more than we can imagine! Not even a hefty salary can compare to the joy and yet, there are so many people who dread; dread to adopt a child .. because they fear.. fear this society, the people and others who might raise voices against them…and then there are who wish for their biological child no its not wrong to expect that but then many people are forced into second marriages just for the sake of their "khandan ka waris" as they say (esp. in-laws you can say) this is not just fiction but the harsh reality esp in India and the sub-continent ! And then there are who treat such kids badly and abuse them just coz they are orphans or not your real kid, better give the child for adoption rather than making him/her suffer, you are not only hurting the child but indirectly committing  a sin in the eyes of god . 

The holy scriptures emphasis the “ An orphan b treated gently with love n respect ”  but despite this fact there are many who treat an orphan badly and see them as sinners wherein they themselves are doing a sin…There are very less people who don’t do like this and give such kids their due right.. 

         "Hope all people understand this coz if, they do so the world of such a child will surely light up & it will b visible and then surely love, good will and harmony will prevail in this world and maybe then we will realize what true joys are!"

P.S:  Off lately I'm thinking a lot more like over analyzing and that is really bad coz eventually it'll hurt me, so I thought of refraining from writing poems or write ups that target the emotions and all at the comes out this neutral post!


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