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I dunno if this post is interesting or not but it is very necessary as this is an attempt to describe his persona.....Continued from here Post #2 
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Oh! How so I wish to embrace you in my arms,
Rest my head on your shoulder and forget all the norms;
And let out all the tears I've suppressed for so long.

        The day has ended and the moon is up, the sky is pitch black and the stars adorn and lit  it beautifully adding to the unending expanse of the ethereal beauty and the darkness that engulfs. I'm sitting by the window seating unlike other days when I'm on my study table buried into my books; nocturnal is what she calls me as I too bask in the moonlight like her and find solace in the never ending night, we are strangely similar yet dissimilar.

       I being a studious and realistic guy to the core whose only passion is studying and scoring good grades and looking at life through the lens wherein she is an epitome of an idealist and saw herself as a free bird when the reality was stark opposite.

       The November night was silent yet there is a nerve soothing melody in it that relaxes me and urges me to open the blind folds of my heart and peel a layer off myself. I being a loner most of the time prefer to dwell in solitude as it gives me a sense of tranquility, well my fellow class mates have a very different picture of me 'lonely'  is what they feel I am; they have misinterpreted but I don't feel the need to correct them; my mother is the only one who truly knows me. Life at most times has not been easy it's still not as even the basic needs are hard to avail and there are days when basic necessities are lacking as mom is the only working member of the family. Not all know this fact but my dad is bed ridden due to paralysis, I don't like to let this out openly as then people pity us; hospital expenses, medicines and even my studies leave her in a lurch yet she doesn't utter a single word and continues slogging hard for us, somewhere down the line I know this is the very reason I've lost my innocence and embraced maturity, as I've to toil my way through the hardships and you have no one to open up too and comfort you. But life changes and so do people in your life; there was a time when only my mom knew my emotional state and now she too is there, the one who has carved a special place in my heart and is there with me to comfort me and to talk to about life and it's unruly ways, when responsibilities fall on your young shoulders and at times you feel like breaking down and escaping the clutches of this crippled life that has rendered you helpless, at one point of time I did feel so.

        I stare into the black sky and look to the lord above as I'm tired of questioning destiny and God too; feel like I've reached the saturation point from where I can't help my mom nor reduce  her woes and ease her financially nor can I emotionally complete my dad. I've stopped asking Why me? nor do I say Try me! as life has tried me more than once; a near to death accident of my younger brother right in front of my eyes, dad suffering from heart stroke and being paralyzed, financial crises so much so that I even contemplated giving up my studies to support my family; had it not been mom's strong resistance and will power I would have crumpled to life's unruly demands long back yet I recoiled in my shell and became a loner and a melancholic soul. It was then that she walked in my life and awakened the long lost emotions which were seemingly dead, though it was just the arrogance and rudeness that took birth first as she tried to intrude into my personal space but slowly with the passage of time it turned into a beautiful friendship and now I call her 'my soul searched' friend. It now feels that my hope is no longer forlorn and it has re-awakened and goodwill is all around, mirth is taking birth in my gloomy home and life once again as mom too has started smiling and dad too is active though still bed ridden. Slowly things are seeming to change and sorrow is fading and joy is replacing and it's all due to her presence; she is truly 'Light in the Darkness.' 

Life take me the way you want,
And lead me to a place where no one has ever been,
Hills and Plains I'm ready to cross,
With you by my side, I can forever trod.

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  1. well written as i am seriously runnin out of words...

  2. very well penned down. very sensitive and innocent.
    keep it up.

  3. Hey this is absolutely marvelous...! i am awe with how you play with words as if they are your childhood... WOuld love to add u to my blogroll.. and maybe talk more often.


  4. this is an absolutely amazing write....very thought provoking,sad,heart wrenching....i write poetry are just amazing poet...
    well, if you want you can try
    its one of the largest online poetry community and people here share each others, and if you have difficulty getting reads here...then also you can create an account and start sharing thoughts...
    anyways...good luck!!!

  5. @ Vaisakhi: Thanks a lot girl for liking it !!

    @ Pramod: Thnx a lot..glad you found it to be sensitive ! And glad you visited.

    @ Sauvik: Glad you took time out and visited. As for the'll all imaginative and fictitious..glad you liked it :)

  6. @ The Fallen Poet: Thanks a lot for appreciating the writing...and my poetry too :)
    I'm glad that I was able to portray all those emotions beautifully.
    As for your poetry..I would surely give it a try..
    and even visit the site you mentioned.

    Thanks a lot :)

  7. I loved the characterization of the narrator ... too good yaar !!!


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