Sunday, November 28, 2010

Languished in the Moonlight !

I really dunno why I wrote this poem, I was studying for my exam that is tomorrow but this thought just kept on haunting me dunno why? and just to free my mind I ended up writing this. I really dunno if, I've done justice or what I've written is making sense and is looking like a poem...or not...but I just had to pour out my emotions. Please give your honest reviews.

 Languished in the Moonlight !

The day has ended and the moon is in up-rise,
And the stars shine in the seamless black night,
The light goes down as a smoky aura engulfs,
The starry night is not silent anymore,
As the creatures of dark are on the roar.

The voracious souls now slowly ooze,
Where liquor is dew and vile is not anew,
Girls are slaughtered and fear is in sight,
As innocence is tarnished and lust is in the air,
And green notes no longer curb despair.

The fiesta is now livid and live,
Pleas and cries are spread wide, 
As the poor souls are openly advertised,
The wails and howls are now suppressed,
And the night goes cold and wild.


P.S: Something that should not be ignored and nor should be called as stupidity on the girls part as some people say, though it's a social crime it is unavoidable at times due to circumstances.(Yes, I know people who say it's foolishness to go into the flesh trade but no one goes willingly you need to understand that rather than blaming them)


  1. hey ncy......a wild side of nyt...!!!!

  2. Sublime message coming across very explicitly...
    After a long time..i am reading something of this sort coming from your nib...
    nice work...
    loving the change...

  3. Back to "Shab" again? Its not ur fault anyway..
    It happens if you deprive of sleep and stay awake in a lonely and silent night to study those boring things :)

    Jokes apart, whatever you mentioned is really true.. The darker side of night - The scaring part. Isn't it just contradicting that the night which gives most of us the soothing sleep to forget and relax the struggles of the day , is not less than a nightmare to some others.. ?

    Good that you just let those flow to the paper and let your mind free.. Ab ache se padna and all the best for exams :)

    Nivi Di

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  5. explicit work....just "BEAUTIFUL"......didnt know somethin like this could also be placed in such an apptzble way....

  6. hey Nivi ,
    shab mera CR hai na *pout*
    Hey Shab what i understood is the black part which is scary and wild
    but there is other part ,after a darkness also there is a life
    par tumhe aise imagination aate kaha se hai ???
    But keep going dear

  7. Awesome!! Beautifully described.. Lovely!!

  8. @ Prajakta: Glad you liked it...and understood what I tried to convey.

    @ Arundhati: Yeah actually I'm very intrigued by this and every time I thought of writing on it words would fall short, but somehow I wrote it tomorrow out of the blue.

    I know its not that clear but I had to write it, now or never...Glad your liking the change in me.

    @ Anamika: Thnx dear !

  9. @ Nirvrithi: Di I'm not back to my *shabs* mode I'm still your Noor :)
    but you know me I end up slipping into this mode and this topic affects me way to much and then I can't concentrate on anything at this time I thought lets end it for once and forever ! So ended up writing this...

    Glad you liked it and understood their plight coz there are some who don't even wanna talk on this subject I dunno why?

    Anyways glad you understood their plight..and sometimes I wish I could help such people out Inshallah !!

    Take care.

  10. @ Vaisakhi: Whoa can't believe you had to read twice to get the feel of it !!
    But glad you got and understood...

    @ aadra: Hey di, don't worry *shabs* is your CR only :)
    And to be true I dunno where these imaginations creep in my mind I mean no connection yet I feel so close to it !!

    Glad you liked it !

    @ Areeba: Glad you read it Areeba and understood too...thanks a lot :)

  11. hey good 1 d agony,pain,helplesnes.............beautiful nyt .....hauntng sum.....harsh reality f lyf .al penned dwn meticulosly..........kudos...:)

  12. nice one.....good description of the deep darker side of the night that just marks the end of our tiresome day.....guess its not the same in the outer world

  13. @ Shweta: Glad you liked it di...I was so worried about this one dunno why? Thanks for reading n liking too.

    @ Nikita: Yeah its not so same as we see it..the harsh realities...and we are so protected. Glad we are...and thnks for liking it !

  14. gr8 imagination.........d wilder n dangerous side of nyt......nycly written......:)

  15. Do you how the 'lunar' came into being? the root word is 'lunatic'. The moon which makes us fall in love also has a carnal side in it. Just a note to make you realize how wonderful and infinitely deep beauty is!


  16. @ Apeksha: for the imagination dunno what to comment :D

    @ Sauvik: hmm...never knew about this fact ! Quite an indirect approach to make me understand the infinite deep beauty !! :)

  17. Very well worded...when I started reading, I did not expect it to be this way. Completely awesome


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