Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lost in the Oblivion !

You walk a lonely road,
The one that seems austere,
And then realization strikes,
Your lost and let out a sigh.

There is something missing,
As only questions are hovering,
And you don't know why?
Yet you walk an extra mile.

You pass several doors,
And cross many lanes,
In search of a lone being,
But you've reached nowhere.

You wait, wait until a long time,
To surmount your grief,
You trudge and tread,
Until you have no verve left.

As the sun finally sets,
And the light slowly ebbs,
A narrow path with spiral ways,
Leads you to a bleak and far off place.



  1. why have u been sad?... theek to hai na??
    and where are u.. no contact since a long time.

  2. again negativity...??!!!?!?!?!
    write something waiting to see the happy side of yours !

  3. @ Prajakta: thnx a lot dear :)

    @ Deepika: hmm...I'll tell you when we talk
    otherwise I'm fine !

    @ Arundhati: Noo it's not's just about searching...searching hope, happiness and the lost identity !
    And I do write happy stuff na ??

    @ Vaisakhi: Yeah I know :)
    glad you liked it !

  4. gr8 work....m amazed at hw u ppl manage 2 write so well.........truly gifted ppl........waitin 4 more........

  5. @ Apeksha: No apu, not gifted just playing with words....thanks for appreciating :)


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