Saturday, November 27, 2010

Am I Unique ?

I smile, I laugh and enjoy,
But I still dunno why?
Tears slide down my eye.

They say I'm a hoyden,
But I still dunno why?
Loneliness stays by my side.

Some say I'm fickle and fey,
But I still dunno why?
Not a sneer comes my way.

You say I'm whimsical and clumsy,
But I still dunno why?
People laugh when they pass by.

I coax and cajole and clog,
But I still dunno why?
Not a single soul answers my why.

Maybe I'm both sweet and sour,
But I still dunno why?
They all have a sly smile when I pass by. 




  1. good one....n i loved ur new backgrnd.....happy happy....:)

  2. wow.. fatima.. this one is so deep and lovely..the pain and confusion.. but still optimism bucks up :)
    gr8 yaar
    keep writing :)

  3. good 1.......u hd e1 msged me this 1......!!!
    keep going....!!!!!!

  4. i say that think of ur self as a total chick...and then care a damn about the world...then the world will start considering u...yet agn awesome lyrics...great work...

  5. Hey noor..nice background ,huh?

    You portrayed your confusion very well -everyone go through this, but not everyone can express in words like you did :)Nice work.

    Don't care what they say - listen to your soul and live as u want or u can :)

  6. @ Vaisakhi: thnx dear..happy happy mood back :)

    @ Deepika: yeah pain and confusion..actually when I wrote this one, I was actually goin thro' something like that !!
    glad you liked it !

    @ Prajakta: yeah I remember...I messaged and we had a talk too glad you liked it then too and now :)

  7. @ Rohit: Yep that's true...we shouldn't give a damn to what the world thinks....thanx for liking the lyrics !!

    @ Nirvrithi: Finally you commented thnx di..yeah I've stopped thinking what people feel...hopefully everything will be good now !!

  8. good one Shab,
    Sad with hope
    i dont know but this is what i am
    good one
    and i too liked the background

  9. @ aadra: Yeah di..sad but lined with hope,
    there was this confusion goin on in my mind and heart and I ended up with this.

    And thanx for liking the backgrnd :)

  10. this poem is like..every cloud hs a silver lining!
    theres a subtle optimism though it is not exposed !

  11. Hey good 1........refreshng.........

  12. @ Arundhati: Quite a correct interpretation of the whole poetry...must say you always hit at the nail :)

    @ Shweta: Thanks di :)glad you liked it !

  13. nice word usage...even though the theme is cynical, optimism is also evident ;)

  14. @ Anoop: Thanks a lot...yes I'm a bit cynical at times..who is not, but as you said optimism is always there :)

    Glad you liked it.
    Welcome to my blog, do keep coming by.

    Take Care.


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