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Confessions Of My Heart ! (Last Part)

I'm finally posting the epilogue of the story...It's a really short one though but then some thoughts and feelings can't even be expressed in words as words fall short and they can only be felt. Hope you can connect to it, like you could to the rest of the story, please do let me know what you all felt.
(Part 2)

(PART 3)

"I love you without knowing how, 
or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, 
without complexities or pride; 
so I love you because I know no other way." 

            Some stories begin in the night while some in the broad daylight; time passes by and things change yet something things are forever the same; just like minutes turning to hours, months into years and night into days, the cycle remains unperturbed as the nature balances each and everything in accordance to the other and fulfills it's duty.  

            It was a cold November night the weather was considerably below and she was a witness to it. The void and emptiness that had engulfed her was now dissolved into nothingness; her waist long hair played deliriously with the winds and sent a shiver down her spine. She was standing in her balcony her hands swayed idly and the room was filled with the jingling sound of her bangles, there was a distant connection of bangles and them; their very first conversation had been on the subject of bangles and their significance and till today she failed to understand why did they have that conversation which was no where near rational and yet it was significant in shaping their relation; guess somethings are better left to themselves rather than fumbling with them and trying to figure it out. 

          It was way past midnight and yet she didn't feel eerie in this desolate hour as she stood watching the full moon gleaming in the starry night. The moon and the silent night had been a witness to all; their unsolicited problems, impending confusions, their silence and even their talks which were stark opposite just like they were, yet there was harmony. It seemed like an eternity had passed as she waited for his arrival; suddenly she felt a tug in her heart and she could feel his presence as he silently came and stood beside her. 

         None of them spoke and only silence lingered; it was not they did not wish to speak but there was no need for speech when silence and their hearts conversed. The tinkling of her bangles and their hushed breaths sounded like symphony in the still night. After what seemed like aeons he finally let go and spoke in a subtle voice, "Your like  water to my parched soul and I'm attracted to you like a moth to a flame!" she smiled and a tear formed in the corner of her eye as he took her into his embrace and all she said was, "My endless wait is now over!". And the night faded and at last a new dawn commenced. 

"Then love knew it was called love.
And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
suddenly your heart showed me my way"


This is the end of the story. Hope you liked it and enjoyed it as much as I did  writing ! 


  1. Beautiful...this is the best one I have seen so far. Especially the last few lines have taken my breath away. Your random thoughts are now reflecting a subtle contemplation. The ocean has at last calmed down and the breeze has brought a certain serenity to your soul.

  2. hehe so the guy said it finally.....n the girl ends wid a "bundh of aansu" endin girl....but jaldi khatam ho sequels available??!!??

  3. @ Anonymous: The tides have ebbed and slowed down and the shore is calm and unruffled as it was back then ! and thnx a lot for the comments; means a lot...

    @ vaisakhi: yeah it din suit the girl much so opted for the guy! sequels be happy at least I completed this and did not leave it hanging !

  4. finally i read it fatima!!
    i love this... my exam got cancelled so first thing i did was to come here and read this... confessions of my heart!
    its beautifully written and mesmerizing!

    i loved the ending.... truly touching the soul..

    write more soon!



  5. I will be waiting for more.....such stuff..
    it's just to deep...and the thoughts can indeed have a serious hangover !

  6. @ deepika: OMG ! You read it can't believe ! but it's good ! found it beautiful...I mean I'm short of words at the moment !

    Thanks !

    @ arundhati: No words seriously !
    Thanks a lot dear !!

  7. Fatima... That was very beautiful.. sorry for the late response

  8. Fatima.......d story voz really intriguing and i felt so connected 2 iz a big thing 4 any artist ven people r actually able 2 connect 2 deir works......n u did it thru dis story....gr8 job......waitin 4 more........

  9. @ Divya: It's ok di..awee thank you so much :)

    @ apeksha: hey thank you first off for taking time out and visiting the blog and commenting too. Your comment touched my soul, you don't know what I'm feeling like...I can't express. That's really a compliment when someone says that they could connect to your story !!

    Thanks again :)

  10. Sweety,

    I said it takes too much to understand ur stuffs
    it is so deep that i need to think and think
    what i should say
    you are really blessed with the Skilled technique of writing

    Write more dear

  11. @ aardra: Hey thanx di, glad you liked my story.'s not that deep also just crooky I guess ! Awe that was too much of a compliment glad at least someone recognized it :)

  12. At last...Happy ending...Phew!!

    NIce story :)

  13. @ Valli: Off course it had to be a happy ending :)) Thanks a lot.

    Glad you liked it!

    Take Care.

  14. Oh how I wish, but if a moth goes near a flame, it burns itself, how I wish it would be on fire and still be happy.

    Glad that they found each other :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. @BA: Somethings can only be wished..

    Yeap they did..does the same ending even happen when real life..or is it mere fiction..


  16. You made me smile. BEAUTIFUL story !!!


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