Saturday, November 6, 2010

A random verse....

Would you tell me if your jaded or waxed ?
Or rather you prefer calling me unique and whimsical ?
Ideas and notions, is that the reason ?
Build a shell around me and started believing in fairies;
Oh! dear child
Wake up, Wake up to the gory reality that hides;
Smiles and frowns are a part of life !


  1. Smiles and Frowns are a part of life...
    but focus on your smiles..the frowns will soon disappear...!

  2. true... smiles and frown are both part of life. we can't know the importance of smile unless we have been through frowns...

  3. @ arundhati: so true !!

    @ divya: yeah they are important in shaping us up !

    Thanks for the comments !


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