Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bruised For Life

The wind had an eerie calm yet it was captivatingly charming, as she left the dingy motel. She hated every waking minute of her life doing the unworthy work but unfortunately having no other choice she crumpled. The wind blew more sharply making her drape her flimsy shawl more tightly to her chest as she trudged through the thin veil of night. There was nothing in sight apart from the lone moon as her companion as she walked for miles. Finally stopping at a bare fountain, she let out a frigid breath. She longed to sit down and gather little strength but she couldn’t think of sparing any minute. She had to reach the cottage near the outskirts of the town before midnight. It was a night of great importance and she couldn’t afford to be late today. After all it was his birthday, her son’s first birthday. Her only savior, in this ruthless world.      


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A letter from Me to You

Wish you and I talked
Talked like a pair of strangers
Though I know your identity and you mine.

Still I wish we had a bond,
A bond that could transcend the ordinary companionship and time.

But, then when I think a little more about it…
I realize you’ve become my confidant
Like a puzzle fitting pieces of you and me.

Woven together inextricably,
Just like the grains of sand and sea till eternity.