Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Solitary Solitude

Walking through the woods
I sometimes feel so alone
A void engulfs and the air stills
With none but just the sound of my boots.

Trodding the barren road
I cross a shallow stream
Submerging grief and kindling dreams
Listening to the sloshing sound of my bare feet.

Strolling a bit further down
I reach the end of the narrow trailing route
Pondering, the silence slowly flows
Hearkening to the whooshing hush of my sitting knees.

Reaching the cold rock lastly
Towards the untouched horizon, I see
Watching the sky mesh in shades and hues
As I lay down to rest awaiting a day anew.



  1. Spirit of a wandering soul! Solitary and serene :)

  2. I typed in a comment but it got lost :|

    The description is so live. It is unpredictable as to how you feel. It is a bit of sad as well as happy. Seems like you have made peace with the past and are apprehensive about the nearing future :)

    Take care

    1. Happens a lot, a lot gets lots on blogger :D
      Maybe that was my state of mind back then :)

      You too take care.


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