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Plagiarism is perhaps the most serious offense that a writer can commit. I never knew I will come across something like this that has to do with my blog....
Well I do not expect any stranger to believe me but yes I expect my friends to do so as they know me for who I am...As you blog readers know I write poems and all... I never knew that I could also be a victim of it, though someone did not copy my entire work, but if you read it closely you come to know the person is quite smart he outlined the main canvas and changed the meanings of certain words...well not changed just the words I had used that user used them in his poem....Sadly, that person is not as smart as they thought they are, after all copycats do make mistakes ! 

So, I request you dear readers to read this poem of mine and even his poem, if you notice I've written the poem back then in November and this person in December...and also this person follows my blog ! After reading this maybe the person might unfollow me out of fear but I do not fear in making this post as I know I'm innocent, I was not gonna make this public by writing this post but I'm forced too as this person is smarter than I thought, I tried to comment on his poem..and wow ! What I come across is the comments to be published on his blog require approval...though I left the comment  there I don't think the comment will ever see light and hence this post....I request you to read his work too so that you yourself can judge......

here is the link of his poem !

And here is the link of my poem !

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting if at all you do comment !!!



  1. guess what? that user has deleted the blog ! :P

  2. yaa....the poemzz almst same.....n dis is d height of shamelesss nesss.......!!!

  3. @ Arundhati: OMG...your right....that means everything was copied from someone else, can't believe !!

    @ Prajakta: Yeah your rite praju...thank god I made you read the poem earlier..even before making this post..coz that user has now deleted his blog !

  4. thats sad...... its catastrophic for writers....

  5. sham....stupid people....n then no guts to confess n say sorry...he deleted the blog...this is realy sad n would discourage people to post their work :(..wish someone could do somethin abt such thing.....

  6. oh... i dnt know wht to say... take care fatima..

  7. Hi,
    First wish you and your family A Merry Christmas :)

    Ya this is really disgusting to find out someone copies the conents , And I don't understand why ppl do this , does their heart never tells them its wrong they are able to do so don't know.
    1st one shouldn't post the contents of others especially poems , that's not done.
    If there is some information and you like to share then the source of its origin need to be given credit and mentioned in the post itself.

    But to fight Plagiarism we need to register our blogs with some copyrights for bloggers writings
    Like or
    If you do it then fine.

  8. Hey, Hi
    Well, i guess that guy learnt his lesson for good...

    The Silhouette...

    P.s.- On the flip side, he liked your post so much that he actually took the pain of fiddling with it and re-posting it.

  9. Its really sad to see that someone is copying your work... anyway the person has deleted his blog... I don't really understand why people do this.. what pleasure do they get from stealing somebody's original work and claiming it to be theirs..
    I agree with you, we should register our works on any copyright sites available... I would like to add one more site(which i am using in my blog posts) to the list you provided.. that is


  10. OOps...guess i am late to read this...the blog doesn't exist..damn!!! your poem..its very well written...good job

  11. Hi,

    Wish you and your family A very Happy new year 2011.

    take care
    keep smiling.

  12. Hmmm this is the zenith of shamelessness but you ought to be happy too as this means that the copier knew that he could never recreate anything such as this and so he resorted the next best thing:P...Keep writing and a very very happy new year...

  13. Dear Fatima...

    Such incidents are so irritating....

    The same thing happened with me too....I saw some copies of my poems in some blogs...

    This was my poem

    This is copied one...

    When I commented on that poem on her blog....It was for approval...She didn't accept my comment...

    How shameless!
    At least she could have given some credit to the author..:'(


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