Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Time in a Row!

Alright...This is the first time I'm getting an award and to be frank I'm too happy as I din get it from 1 person but 2 people and I'm really grateful to them that they liked my work and well thought of me to be worthy of it. It means a lot and the joy I'm experiencing at the moment is much more than I can describe in words!

Thanks a lot Eon and Valli for this award, I do not have words to thank you guys, I was just about to post a Thank You in the morning to Eon when I came to know that even Valli has given me one and I was surprised to react at that moment ! And to be true, these two people are awesome poets...they weave a certain magic and transport you in a different world....not everyone can write beautifully poems and they are the ones who write really well!!!

Now comes 7 things about me and myself: 

1) I'm the most unpredictable girl you'll ever come across and my mood changes just like the wind.

2) I can be very philosophical at times and a complete opposite the other.

3) I'm in love with darkness more than the light and find it to be more enchanting, powerful and positive than light.

4) A real big chatterbox and it need not be said coz those who know me do know this aspect very well.

5) I can be selfish and diplomatic at times and not give a damn to the other person's feelings at times, though  I'm a sensitive person.

6) I never knew I had a flair for writing until after my 11th std when one of my friends accidentally read one of my quotes and a small verse.

7) Last but not the least I'm very lazy and I love to sleep, can sleep anywhere at any given hour even in a lecture if I find it boring, that's one real bad thing about me.

I would like to pass on this award to: ( Names Arranged as they come in Blog List)

Aesthetic Blasphemy

Colors N Mumbai

My World's One Big Dream

Simply Words !


The Silhouette...

Words do matter.

Poetry Reflection of My Feelings

To the ppl i have mentioned above, there are a few things you are expected to do after this...they are:

a. Write down seven things about yourself.
b. Pass it on to people you feel deserve it.
c. Ask them to follow suit.
d. Continue writing those beautiful posts.


  1. Aww!...You deserve this award Fatima...You have nice imagination...Keep going!...

    And thanks a lot for including my name in your list :]

    Love to see more and more from you..:]

    Happy Blogging :]

  2. oh you deserve it...
    as i have said earlier you are a really fine word smith...
    keep blogging.:):)

  3. I can sleep in a lecture even if it is interesting. I always keep yawning even if I am not sleepy. Guess I put others to sleep :P

    Perhaps, my views of light and dark are changing these days, dark is alluring, I want to explore it.

    And thank you for the lovely award Fatima :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. thanx dear..n u surely deserved it..:)

  5. I can sleep sleep and sleep anywhere and anytime!!! classes..umm boring ones oh i also dream in them :P :P heehee :D Oh and i am like you, I am damn talkative.. :P :P and darkness is something which attracts me like a drug!!! :D

    Congrats for the award, and thanks for passing it to me.. now even i have two.. :)


  6. Hey, Hi..
    like everyone said, you deserve it...
    and thanks..

  7. Hey there Fatima!
    Congrats on getting the Stylish Blogger Award :) I hope to read more posts from you and see you around on my blog as well. You have a cute blog. Thanks for visiting my space :)

  8. @ Everyone: Thanks a lot guys for your wonderful comments and wishes !

    Do keep visiting my blog and give your valuable comments :)

    Take Care,

  9. Hey Fatima.
    Thanks for putting me in that blog roll. U truly deserve the award. I love to visit here as I like ur poetry.
    Keep up the gud work.

  10. @ Priya: Your most welcome Priya and the award really was worth your work !

    Thanks a lot and glad to hear you like my poems :)

    Take Care.


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