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Take Me Home

This has got to be the longest One Shot Story by me and frankly speaking I dunno how this has turned out to be...I just hope you guys take time out to read this one and gimme your feedback!                                                       

                                           Take Me Home

It was eleven in the morning yet the sun was nowhere to be seen, it being winter the weather was considerably below and the wind blew scattering the leaves sprawled on the ground. The nipping wind was pleasantly cold and intense ruffling her hair and making her frigid as she just wore a woolen jacket over her blue winter dress and wedge boots. She was walking down the winding country road to reach the nearest beach which was nearly an hour away; he had deemed her silly for choosing this time of the year for visiting the far off beach but seeing her determined self he had agreed.

It sounded odd to her that he had succumbed to her demands or rather in lighter terms agreed to her, had it been a usual day he probably would have argued with her for coaxing him to meet in his tight busy schedule or simply for choosing such a place to meet on a cold afternoon; though it was morning now but by the time he reached there after a good three hour long journey the sun would be at its peak or still tugged in its niche relaxing. It surely was an unusual day but that was something she didn't wish to ponder and continued walking in a slow pace.

It was way past twelve o'clock when he finally reached his desired destination, panting heavily he let out a sigh of relief of having reached on time. Alright he was late by whole forty minutes but then road blocks were common at this time of the year and she was an understanding girl; off course she was understanding though she could be a chatterbox, sarcastic and childish at times but if she had not been one they would never be where they are, as all those who knew him knew about his short temper and fickle mood swings that could just melt ice in a matter of few seconds and make people cry like they haven't in ages but somehow being with her had bought about a change in him which he was glad for as he was now a lot less temperamental and calm.

He was a businessman a shrewd one to name; people feared his wrath when things didn't go according to him and the one to commit the mistake was fired at that very moment, he didn't care of the consequence of his actions to one bit when it came to work too ethical was what he called himself, devil in disguise and ruthless is what others called him. He was not an emotionless person as the whole world considered him to be, life had taught him a lot at a very tender age and he feared opening up even now and welcoming the change though he knew being closed wouldn't help yet he dreaded to loosen the threads that tied the doors of his heart. His grandmother and elder sister were the only family he had though his sister had been married some two years back, she still made trips back home to assure that her younger brother never felt alone, he was surprisingly very close to her it was almost like what a child feels for his mother. His parents had died when they were still young in a car accident but he had miraculously survived the mishap, it was then that their paternal grandmother had taken the two orphaned kids under her wings and nursed them and earned a livelihood at an age when she should have been resting. Times had changed and now he was the owner of one of the biggest Hotel Chains in India with things at his foot-step in a matter of seconds. With the passage of time the carefree little child had turned to an angry young man until the advent of her in his life.

He still remembered the first time he met her, it was midsummer and she had been running carelessly on the road as if her life were at stake by the looks of it, it seemed as if she were all helter-skelter colliding into him and his world had come to a stop at that very instant; but before he could react or comprehend what had happened she mumbled some excuses and a sorry before she fled away leaving him in a daze for the first time ever in his life on earth. Surprisingly it felt that the whole universe had conspired against him or rather thinking back now luck was on his side she turned out to be a cousin of his brother-in-law who he never knew existed and was residing in his home from that very day as she had taken admission in the town university. What started as mere hello and later a verbal spat turned to a budding friendship and now a blossoming romance.
Coming out of his thoughts he shook his head with a smile lingering on his face and headed to the direction she was. She sat there on the sand hugging her knees close to her chest resting her chin on them and watched the rise and fall of the tides; she didn't realize his presence until he sat close to her yet a companionable silence surrounded them. Words like customary "hi" and "hello" no longer had place in their conversations until they were nervous and today was definitely not one of those days.

"It's been such a long time that we met like this, isn't it?" She spoke in a thoughtful contemplative tone, he didn't speak for a while and when the silence started to haunt him he slightly turned towards her kissing her forehead he replied "yes, three long weeks" which made her smile and resulted in a cheerful laughter from both ends as he took her in his embrace.

He was finally home, to a place where both his heart and soul resided.

                            Love is the only hope when dark times strike!




  1. oh my my! the narration was so wonderfully crafted that a simple tale seems so beautiful. liked it a lot :)


  2. its really a nice story dear.welcome to my blog also....

  3. Take me home .. to the place I belonggggggggggggg :)

    beautiful story loved it ...


  4. Hey, Hi
    after a long break...

    but then the climax was like, jus a coupe of lines..
    the build up made me think the end wud be different..
    but then it goes well witht eh title..
    as in teh subject..


  5. beautiful Fatima.. Take me Home.. Wow..

    Someone is Special

  6. Very beautifuly written fatima!! Try to extend the series!!


  7. Loved the way you described both of their temperaments.

    nearing the end, narration is excellent...Well done budding author :D

  8. Forgot to say, I want too read the continuation of the have started earlier.

  9. This is so well written, loved it!! :) Take me home to where i belong.


  10. I have made quite a few attempts of reading this and eventually leaving in in the midst due to an absolute reader-block. But I must tell you, I haven't read a piece as radiant such as this in days. The initiating paragraphs take the cake, they are formulated into something really appealing. Being the reader that I am, I look for grammatical excellence in all that I read a lot, and this is that!

    The story isn't something I haven't read before, it is how you've written. That makes more difference than you can imagine, bud. Cheers!

  11. Making simple things sound wonderful and heart warming- your this piece of writing looks just that :-)

    Ek thehraav mehsus hua mujhe is kahaani me, jaise old bollywood movies me hota hai, lovely re.. would love to read more :-)

  12. wow beautifully written story .. loved it

  13. As everybody have already mentioned " beautifully written", i would go a step further :)

    Indeed a very interesting plot and characterization, you're quite good at it...

    Looking forward to more such stories :)


  14. After this post, I have changed it, this one is my favorite and not the other one (oh i again forgot the title)
    Ms. Clandestine, this was actually very aw sum I was like hooked up to the story and perhaps I didnt even blink as I read it.loved it

    ****n I hate those captchas below this comment box


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