Monday, November 28, 2011

Nothing Else Mattered....

Nothing Else Mattered…

Sweet as sixteen,
Lavish was her living,
Innocent and carefree she was…
Eschewed from the worldly harm,
She was secure in her haven!

Rough and rugged,
Life was an utter mess,
Lost and forlorn he was…
Dying day in and day out,
Struggling to make ends meet!

Different like chalk and cheese they were,
Pride and honour she exuded,
And people watched her in awe…
Disgrace and derision trickled,
When he crossed the very same path!

Like a wisp of air,
She came in his crumpled life,
Caressing his dripping wounds…
Showering love and care,
She gave him a new life!

Hugs and kisses he smothered,
Saying money was not his pleasure,
Basking and gleaming in his love…
Missing the greed in his eyes,
She fantasized a fairytale!

Clouded by dismay and despair,
Her cries tore her apart,
Breaking her like glass…
Leaving her barren and frozen,
They now call her an ice maiden!

She had loved him dearly,
But he didn’t really care,
Wishful had turned wistful…
With tears pelting from her eyes,
Yet they couldn’t melt the hardened ice!

Lusting for her fortune,
Slitting her soul,
He walked in azure…
Blood dripping like rain,
The stains on his hands shined unashamed!

Devoid of emotions,
He was now a voracious soul,
Faltering in the neon red lights…
Drinking and squandering,
He gave himself to a wench!

Nothing was his and all in vain,
Laughing at his own madness,
He fuddled all day and night…
Losing his own self,
He walked the long dark abyss!

Squashed by his guilt,
Clutching his head he fell to the ground…
Tears blurring his vision,
He drowned in his pain…
Till death finally came!

- Fatima


  1. blood pain yet lovely... beautifully penned...:)

  2. A whole story narrated in a poem..loved the emotions that your words reflect upon :)
    take care fatima

    P.S:Me coming here after a long time..feel good :)

  3. Waah they say the stories of incomplete love are the ones that are the most beautiful-what's there in a 'happily ever after'?:-)

    I was surprised by the length for you usually like them short...but you held up the thoughts beautifully:-)

  4. loved the way u have described each and evry emotion and her pain.

  5. Passion that you have added in your writings is blazing superb!

  6. that's the whole story in a rhythm. seems like I know all the characters.

  7. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  8. @ Vaisakhi: I was expecting something else but this far better :)

    Thnx girl!


  9. @ the other side of me: Glad you liked it dear :)

    You're welcome when ever you come :)


  10. @ Suruchi: There is not always completed so why always weave fairy tales, once in a while one should look at the dark side too :)

    Yea..this is actually the longest ever written !

    Glad you liked it!


  11. @ some unspoken words: Thanks Anu :)


  12. @ BH: Thanx a lot di.. glad you liked it :)


  13. @ Beyond: It's good to know all the characters, that's when you know whats in their heart :)



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