Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walk Beyond Oblivion....

 Walk Beyond Oblivion....

There are moments when somethings on my mind but I just can't rhyme,
So forgive me these few brief awkward lines,

You're the only one now left,
Who I don't really wanna lose,
Though I know I can be too childish at times,
Or my words too sarcastic to digest for you...
But I ain't the one with attitude who can't change,
It's just I'm needy and too hurt that I can't bear,
And all I want from you is just a bit of love and care...

Gifts and pleasures I don't long,
As your friendship has been my greatest treasure all along.

P.S: Dedicated to my Soul Searched Friend.


  1. To be there through thick and thin..
    Caressing the tattering soul and healing just in time..
    Through space and unending universe omnipresent the friend by your side!

    Gripped in charismatic box(words) of patient longing and with the determination to never let loose..

  2. Fatima, soulful and beautiful.. and the last two lines are too good..

    Someone is Special

  3. So touching..I almost got goosebumps while reading it :))
    ~ Keep the Spark Alive..

  4. Its not important words to rhyme always,its when they don't yet to the one written for understands it perfectly :) Its gonna be alright girl, take care and hugs :)

  5. The last two lines are like- Wow!! Lovely lines! :-)

  6. It's not necessary that every poem should rhyme...

    You've poured your heart in these words....Good work dear

  7. Its straight out f heart!!
    N trust me its beautiful!!

    Lost f love n God Bless U!!

  8. That was beautiful, hope ur friend has read this.

  9. its beautiful and Friendship is a blisss and sacreddddddd :)


  10. It made me smile... Such simple and beautiful lines .... loved it :)


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  12. This is YOU! ;)

    Lines need not rhyme, words make them beautiful :)

  13. hopefully ur friend comes across this one :)


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