Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mischief Managed

Far away in a land of dreams
You get what you wish
With a swish and flick
You wave your wand
Changing your hairstyle
From Modern to traditional
Wavy to smooth
And get the perfect straight hair!

I was happy with my long lustrous wavy locks but looking around it seemed everyone was into straight. All I got to hear was, “I got the perfect smooth and silky hair” and it drove me crazy. Alas! We don't live in a magical world and so we've got no wands and potions to change hairstyles without any hassle, so this year on Eid I decided to venture into this unknown arena with my new found obsession of getting straight hair  off course without magic. Being low on budget I couldn't even afford going to a parlor so I thought of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ though I had no idea what to do and how to go about it.

To begin with I spent hours thinking of a simple yet effective way to tame my curls, it was then that the iron yes the device that you straighten your rumpled clothes with came to my rescue. Though it was a risky job I was up for it.

Since it was not a single person job, my younger sister assisted my in this wacky experimentation.

Having washed and dried my hair of excess water, I brushed my hair a bit so that they do not tangle. Once I was done with this, I applied a Heat Tamer spray to keep my hair safe from damage and I was glad that I do watch the idiot box called television as I had seen the advertisement of the product there. Coming back, once I was done with this I placed a fluffy towel on the flat iron board and lay my head on the towel spreading my hair and again covering my hair with a thinner cloth. Once this was done, my sister very carefully slid the iron atop my hair as if ironing the clothes. After a minute or two and I couldn't believe my hair were no more wavy but flowing smoothly. And to retain the longevity and getting the frizz under control I applied some hair spray.

Ultimately after, such a simple yet tedious process I got the perfect straight hair. And what’s more awesome is it didn't take much time and is home effective.

In fact, I tried another technique my mom's secret and simple recipe for straight hair. Apply warm mustard oil overnight so that the hair soaks the oil. Wash hairs the next day with water do not use shampoo while washing. Air dry your hair, once this is done oil your hair with the same mustard oil again. Leave it oiled for a day. This time wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cold water as it leaves a shiny effect on the hair after drying. Allow your hair to dry naturally. And Tada! you will find your hair to be smooth, shiny and straight! But you need to do this procedure twice a month, easy and feasible isn't it. :)

The third and final option I tried last month , though it was not this much effective neither the effects long lasting but it is a quick quick method. All you got to do is, after washing once the hair are slightly dry tie them tightly for a while. After an hour or so open them up and place heavy books atop them while you lie down and get a power nap. At least being an engineering student I have loads of heavy books and want loads of sleep so no worries!


  1. I did not know about the mustard oil part, iron , yes , i do it with a straightener, * hard work* :) sigh

    all the best Fati :)

  2. hmm...mustard oil... interesting....i never straighten my hair...i m tooo much in love with it

  3. @ domesticgoddess-nextdoor: Thank you di :)



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