Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kuch Ankahee Baatein...

NOTE: This is guest blog post I wrote for Nelton D'Souza's blog Just A Minute Here's the link to the post

Something in Urdu for a change or rather something written by me apart from reviews and all after long for a change. :)

Jazbat aise hue hamse khafa
Hume toh laga hum askho ko hi bhul gae..
Dil mei unki yaadon k sahare,
Hooton pe muskan aur zindagi mei tanhayee
Liye hum yunhi chalte rahe..
Jab ek roz unse nazre mili..
Woh andheka kar ke chale gae..
Uss din dil roya
Aur aankon se aasu beh gaye..

woh kehte hai bhula dena mujhe,
na humsafar hun na hamnava,
teri zindagi mei ek rahi hoon..
kal tha kal kya pata...


Ek raat aisi aae hai,
Jab teri yaad satae hai…
Andhero mei ghum
Aankhen hai num..
Dhundli hai manzil..
Lekin tanhae hai sang..
Aaj phir ek raat aisi aae hai..
Jab teri yaad dil ko satae hai…


  1. Beautiful lines ... good to see you back in blogger after so long !!!

  2. Really deep....good to c u back after a long time back.

  3. Hey Fatima. You are nominated for a Liebster award.

    Check this for more details

  4. Will you translate in English for me....Please? :D

    Loved your blog look dear <3

  5. That is such a beautiful verse Fatima. Amazing. :) Loved it to the core

  6. very nice!!! thank you for sharing...and great too see your comment on my new write..thank you for that too...have a great one!!!

  7. @Ria: Thanks dear. And yes it does feel good to be back :)


  8. @Sri Valli: I translated for you on fb..hope you understood :D


  9. @Harshal: Thanks, glad you liked it:)


  10. @The Fallen Poet: Thank You and it's good to see you back on blogger after long. :)



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