Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a handful of memories...

Ah! I don't believe I've come this far. When I began writing I had no idea I would write so much that someday I will have my own personal blog and moreover I will be writing a 100th  post. If, someone had told me earlier I would have termed that person insane. Basically reason being I never had faith in my writing nor did others around me had. In fact people who knew me before I began writing were shocked that I can even put two and two words together and create something meaningful. Then again, there came people in my life who had faith in me and my writing and somewhere I owe this 100th post to them.

For me, this isn't really a day for celebration coz one of the most important  person in my life, who had faith in me and my writings and who encouraged me not just to write but everywhere is not in my life. We have parted ways to be very truthful, it's none other than my soul-searched friend to whom I had even dedicated a poem here, but then again situations arise and people walk away and we have to live with that or rather learn to live.

If I'm honest to myself this was one and maybe the only person I ever wrote for. I even planned on quitting writing but somehow I couldn't and the reason being I still write for this person. There are a lot of happy memories and moments, unfulfilled wishes and dreams and most importantly what I shared with this person. I realized if, I let go of my writing I'll let go of myself the little bit of me left completely and I don't think that's fair. I know it won't affect my friend anymore but I wanna think maybe it might, call it denial or madness or just a reason to write, I'm writing and I'll continue till I can.

I even know, this person my friend will maybe never come to my blog again but I wish him a very happy life ahead and I hope his dreams are fulfilled. And that wherever he is at the moment and will be tomorrow may my prayers and my good wishes reach him.

One more thing, before I end I didn't know this was gonna be my 100th post and so I'll post the shayri I had originally intended to post, it is a sad one but nowhere related to this post..just a random poem in urdu, sad but I'm just unable to pen something happy happy at the moment.

Naa jaana meine ye kya hua?
Naa jaanu mei ye kaise hua?
ek pal tha tu...
aur dusre pal hua juda..
dil mera toda tune..
aur ashk meine palkon pe sajae..
saath hai na tu mere..
phir bhi yeh dil sirf tujhe hi kyu chahe ?

I do not want to end on a sad note but I really do not think I can end on a happy note, apart from the fact that it's Diwali and I wish all my readers a Safe and a Happy Diwali :)



  1. Fatiiiii,,

    congos for your 100 th post!

    now about the lines, mad me go back to blots of memories in my mind..touching indeed ...loved it :)

  2. When that special friend suddenly goes away, it does feel bad. It hurts a lot, but then, you can never control destiny. Rejoice the moments that you guys spent together. Life will always turn better, never bitter. I'm glad you wrote the 100th post. Keep on writing. and Keep on smiling.

    Have a great Diwali :-)

  3. touched by the sincerity in these words...you write in such a simple,soothing way and carry in..dont ever think about quitting...its my first time in your sweet blog and im gonna become a regular reader here..all the very bet

  4. I've always believed that you are a good writer Fatima. Hearty congratulations on your 100th post :)

    From now on, Start writing for yourself!

  5. 100, that is a big number, narrates a journey in itself. Keep going till the heart beats.

    To compliment your journey till now...

    I, the book of life was born on earth
    Found that love is of greatest worth.
    I, devoted an entire part of me to you
    The things I felt, others had no clue.
    I, progressed holding your hand
    Never thought that the love would end.

    The story still moves ahead
    But the part of love is what all dread.
    There are now grueling attempts
    To tear what the heart of book kept.

    Let the story continue, let the life not be left with erased memories...

  6. hey,
    come on you are a saggi, make me proud, keep on writing....we all are fighters. and I dint get your talk invite. Ill send you one.

  7. Your writing is something to which I can relate with.. Its always simple and heart touching..

    Its really sad when our loved one ignores and leave us completely. But as u said people come and go.. Its just a part of a life and we should accept it and learn to move on.

  8. I see exactly same similarity as me, someone (who said they loved me , made me start my blog but then had different ideas) and walked away ..

    In my case I think it was for the better for I am far happier and in better position than I was otherwise ..

    This is life people come and go.. I have learnt it the hard way ..

    touching lines ..

    congrats on the century well done and keep writing always


  9. Touchy moments in words.. Congrats on this century :)

  10. Best Wishes for scoring a century Fatima! Wishing you many more:)

  11. @ Reshmi: Thanks a lot sweety :)
    Love ya !


  12. @ GS: True and agree to it fully.

    Thanks for your wishes..


  13. @ rakeshdivakar: Thank you for your kind words.

    Welcome to my space :)


  14. @Beyond: That was a wonderful poem, truly!

    Thank you so much :)


  15. @ chips from life: Agreed di..thanks a lot :)


  16. @ Sonia: Thank you dear and I do agree with what you've said.


  17. @ Bikramjit: Someday maybe I will learn..

    Thanks for being here!


  18. @ Zunaisha: Thanks a lot!

    And welcome to my space :)


  19. @ Rahul Bhatia: Thanks a lot uncle :)



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