Saturday, August 25, 2012

confessions of my heart: interlude 2

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Confessions Of My Heart: Interlude 2

Dear Armaan,

It’s a cold rainy night with the weak looming ominously ahead.  The rustling of leaves and sweet murmur of the pouring rain are the only sounds that whisper to me. My mind is stirring with a million things yet it is blank and tears are relentlessly rolling down my cheeks.

I’m crying, I can’t help but cry as there is this void that has engulfed me. My heart aches still I try to be strong and it’s breaking me apart each day. I wait, wait for you to come back and hold me in your embrace, loving and caressing me like always. There are days when all I want is to bridge the gap and come running to you as the distance that separates us in not miles apart but hearts apart. But, I can’t do that, can I? When it’s you who’s tearing us apart.

Without you I’m a burned down flame,
Whose ray, no longer lights the way…

A soulless flower, A coast-less bay…
A deemed topaz, A dried sea…
A mirthless bird and a hazy memory…

Without you I’m there but I don’t seem to be,
Come back my love,
As each day now seems like eternity…

I don’t have it in me to say anything more as I’m nothing but an emotional mess. Though you say waiting is a waste of time and I’ll realize it someday yet I will be right here waiting for you. And I wish it were easy but it’s hard to stop loving and say goodbye.


P.S: The poem is written by me.



  1. Awesome work dear!....loved it really!....very touching poem...

  2. Fai..tears are rolling down my eyes now. In such simple words u have described the pain and the agony.

  3. I join the queue on your answer phone
    And all I am is holding breath
    Just pick up, I know you're there
    Can't hear you I'm not myself

    Well go ahead and lie to me
    You could say anything
    Small talk will be just fine
    Your voice is everything

    We owe it to love and it all depends on you
    So listen up
    The sun hasn't set
    I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling

    Just hear me out
    I'm not over you yet


    Don't be sorry, don't you worry, love will see the light, the real one. I just hope that, that love is this love.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. ok now i will read the part 1 and 2 after this ..

    beautiful poem , enjoyed reading it


  5. @ Valli: Thanks a lot dear :)
    Glad you liked it !


  6. @Kiran: I'm speechless coz I cried myself when I wrote this..


  7. @BA: I hope the same appie..I hope the same..

    And this song justifies the letter so aptly !


  8. @Bikram: Will wait for your reviews on both the parts :)

    Glad you liked it..


  9. A beautiful poem ... I hope they get back together !!!


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