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Melon D’eau Delight

Melon D’eau Delight

Indian summers are hot and scorching and to beat the heat, Team Mumbai presents a very simple drink to beat the summer blaze, “Melon D’eau Delight”

Melon d’eau Delight is not only easy to make but also requires minimum ingredients and time. This would surely delight you as it contains Watermelon which will prevent you from dehydration and help you in retaining the minerals in your body. It contains mint and you can experiment by adding different fruits and toppings as well. Since it has low fats and calories, it is a perfect drink.


To prepare Melon D'eau Delight we require...

Watermelon- 1cup
Lemon juice
Mint leaves
Rock Salt
Cumin Powder
Ice Cubes

Time Req: 10-15 mins


Friends, you can find the steps mentioned above the image. I've listed them step by step. There are in all 3 steps. I've also uploaded a full recipe video for your 'Delight' [also to suggest that this recipe is self-made and please do have a look at it, as it took a lot to make it :)]


Step 1:                                Grind the water melon and do not strain it.


Step 2:           Add cumin powder, rock salt, lemon juice and mint leaves to the melon and mix it.

Step 3: Put ice in the glass and pour the fresh melon juice, garnish with lemon and mint leaves.  
                                                        The drink is ready to serve.

As mentioned at the start I've made the video, so here it is. And please forgive the slight mistakes I've done :D

Some Facts and Nutritional Value :

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  1. Oh how much I wish to prepare this...I should try this atleast once.. will surely prepare this next weekend and make every1 taste it...hw did it taste?

  2. The presentation is excellent. Very beautiful and the pictures are perfectly clicked n placed. The background score is fantastic and most of all the cutie in the video is the surprise package :) Easy to make recipe. thx for sharing. I can finally make something now :)

  3. Fama....That's gr8 presentation !
    Surprised to see your new talent...I'll try this out! :)

  4. @ The Solitary Writer: I'll be waiting to hear back from you as to how you found it!

    For me, it tasted awesome a bit sweet a bit tangy perfect for my taste buds :)

    Take Care

  5. @Kiran: Reading your comment reminded me of MasterChef Australia and the way George, Gary and Matt comment..perfect analysis to say :)

    Glad you liked it ashi and hey try it out for iftar is refreshing!

    Take Care

  6. @Valli: Thanks di..the new talent lolz..all thanks to IBL :)

    Do try it out and lemme know how you found it..

    Take Care

  7. @ Rahul Bhatia: Thank you uncle :)

    Take Care

  8. ah ha healthy refreshing yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    perfecttttttttt :)


  9. Dear Fatima,
    This looks very refreshing. You did an awesome job with the presentation & video! Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

    Melt Away My Pain

  10. @ Ria: Yup, its simple and awesome :)



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