Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drama Queen's Isle

Drama Queen's Isle
Having Sunday Morning Blues (SMB), instead of lazing around in my bed and enjoying this awesome weather..I'm studying for my exam tomorrow..unfair highly unfair...hmmp MMB's (Monday Morning Blues :D) are better than SMB...

This has gotta be ridiculous utterly ridiculous, I've got an exam my mini project exam coming up tomorrow and here I am once again randomly scribbling on my blog...not that this is the first time I'm doing this right before my exams. But I recollect now as I type this post that something similar was done last semester and practically before every exam, seems like a stress buster :D

Hell, seems like I've finally become insane, writing what ever is coming to my mind and all but what can I do, if all I feel like is to brew a hot cuppa of black coffee and sip it slowly and watch the downpour from my bedroom windows...yes it's raining since yesterday and I still haven't got a chance to play in rains :D mum's strict orders you see till tomorrow and I can't even fight back.. :( Nor can snuggle in my blanket with good daydreams or a novel which is none other than Catcher in the Rye that's pending since a long time...

Never mind that, one can always have hopes that that day will come soon when they are free from the cruel tyranny... of studies though the liberty lasts only for a mere couple of days..yet the exhilarating feeling you get can't be confined to words! Mine off-course starts from tomorrow and still I'm whining and being all melodramatic..

Alright now enough of my chatter I really need to go back to studying so I can talk fluently in front of the teachers and earn good points instead of...better not think of anything negative at the moment!

Ciao till we meet again!!! :D



  1. i dont wanna say much of luck hope "the" jinx breaks 2moro...:P

  2. Hello.
    Been a long time since I read anything of yours. Just want to say good luck with the exams. Remain calm, breathe and just do your best. The time for playing in the rain will soon come again (smile). Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  3. Alll the luck in the world name mate:-)

  4. All the best .. with everything .. do well

    best of luck


  5. I do tht alot...writing random thoughts just blah blah blah ;p

  6. @ Andy: Thanks Andy, my exam did go well :)



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