Monday, June 13, 2011

Forever Abide

It's been such a long time..that I posted something but now finally I'm done with my exams and finally free :)
Missed you guys and even your blogs...will catch up with all your stuff in sometime...have loads to read...:)
So without much ado here is the poem...hope you like it!

Forever Abide

Woke up to a bright and sunny day,
Yet somewhere wished it would pour today!
As sometimes too much of warmth also burns...
And you realize people do feign, cheat and fray.

Leaving you broken and shattered,
Amidst the crowd you walk alone!
Trying to let go the memories you made...
Though you hope for things to revert back to same.

You fall and you stumble,
And you're stuck up in a muddle!
As there is a lot that the mirror does not show...
Yet you give a try and believe, only to be deceived.

Reality does bite as some say,
So its better to quietly walk away!
With a pinch of hope and tear in eye...
You build back yourself with all your might.

Repressing the surging sullenness,
With all the happiness you've gathered along!
Spring now welcomes you back from gloom...
But, somewhere the longing of a true friend forever looms.



  1. Welcome back Fatima,Missed you and your poems..

  2. welcome back...nice write...but hey y sad theme post ur exams...khush ho ja buddy...finally free...:)

  3. after the fury of heavy rains, as the sun shines, the beautiful rainbow comes up...the colors will never fade away from your life, like rainbow they will surround you, sooner or just with all your might...stay strong :)

    warm warm welcome :)

  4. Welcome back with a bang!!!
    How do u every time manage to write such lovely lines n beautiful sync of words. I mean it with all my heart...when i read ur poem...i just want to read more n more...ur prose are so tiny pots of honey shots ;)

    ~Keep the spark ALive
    & Keep me proud to a friend of such a talented soul!!! love yeah always!!

  5. And sweets here is an urgent need to change ur template..its not friendly...the colors r dim n hard to read..u need somthing fresh glowing to suit ur poems n ur poetic aura!
    Hopeu dnt mind this suggestion n work over it soon.Refer me if u need any help regarding this!!

  6. Hey Welcome back baby....Nice template....

    and awesomely written sad feelings...:)

  7. Welcome back Fatima.. and what a poem.. Awesome longing lines.. I love it so so much... and PS: I agree with Rachana.. I feel you should change your blog template..

    Someone is Special

  8. Hey, Hi
    indeed a long time....

    well the disappointment shows perfectly well in the verses....i liked the flow of thoughts in the middle...a bit abrupt at the end though...
    overall, nice.

    Eon Heath

    p.s. - tumhara blog mera comment kha gaya... :P

  9. It is hard to find genuine people, but often people don't quite know about themselves and claim to be something different, that they might want to be, or would pretend to be. To this we also are no exception.
    But certainly, we find friends in people whom we measure with the same depth that they have measured us.
    So, best of luck in finding your true companion.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Hey there
    nicely written,emotion clearly shown in the poem
    do write more,

    Take care

  11. @ Simran: Hey thanks a lot simi...glad you liked it and missed you too :)

    Take Care.

  12. @ Vaisakhi: Thanks a lot...yep I know its sad but I wanted to write on friendship since long...but din know it would turn out to be sad!

    And hey I'm happy happy..finally free na :D

    Take Care.

  13. @ Rachana: Thanks a lot for the sincere times emotions flow and words mix and match on their own...don't they ??

    Glad you liked it dear...and thanks a lot for the new do know right what all happened :P

    Take Care.

  14. @ Valli: Thanks a lot dear..yeah I know sad..but hey I din mean to write a sad just happened :)

    Glad you liked it!

    Take Care.

  15. both ur words & ur template are beautiful..
    keep in touch ...

    nice to have beautiful people...

    keep smiling always..

  16. @ SIS: Thanks a lot..glad you could connect to it and feel the deep emotions it tried to convey!

    Take Care.

  17. @ Eon: Yeap its been quite a long time..but now many posts are gonna over flow I guess :D

    hmm...yeah the flow did falter in the end..but that's what was needed..maybe sometimes incompleteness and abruptness is required !

    Glad you liked it..:)

    Take Care.

  18. @ Blasphemous Aesthete: Agreed to what you've said coz its true, I hope you too have met your true companions and they be with you as long as life can take you!

    Glad you liked the verses and the meaning they tried to convey. Thanks a lot :)

    Take Care.

  19. @ the other side of me: Heya glad to see you here...

    Glad you liked it..thanks a lot :)

    Take Care.

  20. @ sowmya: Hey welcome to my blog..and thanks a lot for the appreciation dear :)

    Glad you liked it..and thanks a lot...

    Hope to see you soon again!

    Take Care.

  21. Hello Fatima,

    this poem of yours is really beautiful. I loved every bit of it ..

    keep writing!

  22. @ AS: Thanks a lot...glad you liked it!
    Welcome to my blog.. :)

    Take Care.


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