Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wondering through the woods, 
Reviving past memories, 
Wishing you were near, 
Escapes a lone tear.

Mistakes were committed, 
Promises were made, 
Time passed by and they too ruptured, 
A lonely trail left behind.

You were raring and ecstatic, 
And I was over the moon, 
Life took a turn and landed you in pain, 
And my heart too flinched with the same.

Time flew by and you moved, 
Leaving me ruffled and wounded, 
Feelings were shrouded, 
And miseries were uncovered.

Today too I walk in the woods, 
Where cacophony has replaced euphony, 
Reminiscing the past memories, 
Silently praying you were near.



  1. Loved it... !!!!!!

    do keep writing more's amazing to read such fantastic stuff !


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