Friday, August 13, 2010

A Page from My Diary

Years Passed and yet things remained the same, everything in my surrounding was changing but I was obstinate not on purpose yet I was. But, finally realization dawned on me and I looked beyond the realm of my little world and stepped into the world of superficiality, where emotions were suppressed and silence was harbored. I being a loner most of the time; yes it's true I'm a loner amidst the crowd some realize some don't, I found myself on cross-roads and I fell in love with silence. I realized who I was and why am I like this.

I'm personally not a big fan of silence it still haunts me at times as I feel trapped at times and my words and emotions are choked and they do not find an outlet. But, you know it's silence at times you need to sort out things,to unravel look beyond the surface and explore the intricacy of life and situation. Silence at times speaks volumes and conveys so much so that even words would have not been able  to. Silence too is cathartic and much more effective than letting out in the form of words; as silence commences where speech ends !

And I finally realized it today, silence fills the void that speech can't. You won't believe but there are plenty of things I'm realizing now and it's leaving me wanting for more, to know me more...I feel I've not known myself I've simply been hiding myself from the world...from everyone. Don't know how come this sudden change but I guess it was from the start, I simply didn't allow it to escape and some recent turns in my life have compelled me to acknowledge this and love and appreciate not only silence but so much more.

I always loved silence and solitude as it gave me a sense of tranquility and calm, it's just I've kept it hidden under my talkative self though talking was inborn, spun lies around me...lies which were not meant for others but for my own self, and now I'm just retracing the path, a path that stretches till eternity. And I pen down my thought's only when I'm in peace with myself as they are not mere thoughts and ideas but my heart felt emotions and feelings...the true Me !


  1. SILENCE IS INDEED LOVABLE AT TIMES! without the presence of silence, we would never know the beauty of words..and sometimes the absence of words is necessary to make us understand there's something more than just words!

    I no more fear silence... it's a beautiful thing!

    liked reading it.. happy discovering yourself!

  2. yeah earlier I was like Silence is a silent killer..but I guess with the passage of time I'm in love with it !

    thnx for d comment !


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