Thursday, August 19, 2010

Distressed Soul

Word are muffled and tears are choked,
And a starry silence engulfs,
I try to run and escape en route,
But the more I try, the more lost I become.

Smile is not a facade and pain is not feign,
And my soul languishes in love,
I try to seek solace and calm,
But the more I try, the more ruffled I become.

Water seamlessly pours and brings mirth,
And I'm left in a cloud of steam,
I try to clear the mess and see,
But the more I try, the more shroud I become. 

Days roll by and seasons change,
And I'm left alone to reflect,
I try to cry and break the spell,
But the more I try, the more staunch I become.



  1. Hey fatima... nice poem.. but back to back sad poems.. so do one thing.. trying bringing some positive reflections in your poetry... would love to read some of the happy poems...of urs.. !

  2. Thnx aru...yeah back to back sad poems...but don't worry I'm not in my melancholic mode, it's just I had to go back to that earlier mode to complete this one !

    I'll surely write some happy ones once my exams get over !

  3. Beautiful poem....but sad? why do u always write melancholy? But nevertheless, i loved it so much!

  4. Thnx a lot Mahak !
    I'm so glad you took time out and visited my blog
    Yeah it's sad..I dunno I'm very comfortable when it comes to express distress and melancholy in comparison to love !
    But I'll try :) Thanks again dear !


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