Sunday, October 3, 2010


This is a very random verse, Was just mulling over some things and a discussion that took place and ended up writing this. Well this again is a sad one but can't help it now-a-days, guess melancholy has hit me too hard this time :)


She is standing by the shore,
Gazing the bright reflection of the moon,
And feeling the soft sand beneath her sole,
She treads on a journey unknown.

Her mind wanders back to the past,
The lilies bloomed in the bright sunlight,
As her tranquil soul basked in mirth,
And the days seemed long and the journey cherub.

She walked an untrodden road,
With hope in her eyes and joy in her soul,
As serenity and peace quelled chaos,
And a soothing calmness engulfed her.

The ruffling of waves and rustling of leaves,
Snaps her back from her idyllic dream,
Dawning paradise is an eternity,
As she is lost in infinity.



  1. add another verse or two... will make it complete.......
    otherwise, it's nice.... but, somehow just begins and ends...!

  2. @ vaisakhi: thnx dear :)

    @ aru: yeah I know...but somehow I just didn't want to elaborate..hope you liked it :)

    @ rahul: thnx :)

  3. @ rafaa: hmm....

    @ muskaan: thnx a lot dear :)

    @ divya: thnx di..glad you read it :)


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