Monday, October 25, 2010

ज़िन्दगी !

Again a short verse by me...I just want a break from my mundane routine and since I'm unable to do that due to my exams and all I ended up writing and thus comes this another verse that popped in my mind out of the blue didn't even revise it further, well this one is in Urdu ! Hope you enjoy reading this one too !


यह ज़िन्दगी भी अजीब है,
कभी झूट है तोह कभी सच
दूर से देखो तोह एक हसीं महल
और करीब जाके देखो तोह बंजर
कहीं प्यार के रंग
तोह कहीं और धोका
कशमकश ही कशमकश है
लेकिन यह भी तोह सच है
यह ज़िन्दगी बड़ी अजीब है
आज है और कल क्या पता |


  1. Good - kam se kam ab tho patha chala tumhein ki zindagi ajeeb hain :) Noor, on a serious note, I love life this way.. If life had only one side,what was the fun in living it - Agree?
    Let me add two more lines to yours ,agar izaazat hain tho ;)
    Kal ek sawal tha jiska jawab aaj de gaya
    Aaj poocha ek aur sawal jiska jawab kal dega

    Nivi Di.

  2. @ nirvrithi: Thnx di for the lovely comment glad you read it ! and the lines wch you wrote were beautiful !!

  3. Noor... Zindagi waqai mein ajeeb hain,, kab kaunse raste per le jaaye aur kahan manzil mil jaaye pata hi nahin chalta... aur raha tere likhne ka.. Jawab nahin hain.. bahut hi pyaara likha hain.


  4. agree fatima...
    zindagi bohat ajeeb hai
    mudthi band ki to samjha sab kush hai par khola to khaaak hai...
    ek pal haseen thi aur dujje hi pal khwaab hai..

  5. @ divya:thnx for liking it !

    @ deepika: this was a very random post...thnx for the comment ! Aab kya jawab bhi tha I've given in first comment only !

  6. My God! you can write in Hindi as well ??
    this comes to me as a big surprise.. nice nice..
    Kya baat hai !

  7. @ arundhati: Yeah I can write in hindi as well though my vocab is not that good...just basic !
    waise thank you...glad you read and liked it !!


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