Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Summer Is Not Far Away !

The poem below is short I know like all my other poems but very dear to me...Also this is the very first time I'm experimenting with a happy poem moving away from melancholy finally ! Again this one has the setting as night, can't help it I love night and darkness more than the day as it helps me reflect back and it the only time I can hope for some solitude ! Hope you guys enjoy reading !

 Summer Is Not Far Away !

The evening breeze sways,
Snapping her out of her reverie,
Reflecting back her day,
A smile retraces her way.

The countless stars in the sky,
Remind her of the hours that have gone by,
Reminiscing the past and shunning the grief,
She turns on a new leaf.

Eyeing the bright moon,
She foregoes her wistful thinking,
Seeking pardon for her sins,
She prays for a new beginning.

Taking the essence of night,
She slips into her dreamy flight,
Slowly dusk turns into dawn,
And she gleams like a newborn. 



  1. I loved love this poem honey, it is brilliantly done! Especially those last lines!! Muaaah!

  2. What a beautiful poem, you've written Fatima! It's been ages that I read something from and this one in particular, blew me off! If it's a comeback, it's beyond a w e s o m e! Really, God bless you! Keep writing, I have grown totally fond of you and your works.

    And I must say - this is one really very inspiring thing that've penned down. Keep up the good work!!

    Keep me updated, gal. Take care.


  3. Thats like my Noor - I am sure the someone-you-know-who also will be happy to see this positive change in you. I really hope this reflect change in your life too - If not yet, I will look forward to that..

    Welcome to Noor from Shab ** Hug **

    With lotz of love,
    Your Nivi Di

  4. Hey fatima...my magician...Once again u come up with ur creativity...Awesome poem...And the last stanza just took my heart...
    Hats off to u...write more dear...


  5. loved it fatima.... this touched me real inside.

    do come soon with more like this:) happy stuff!

  6. kya baat hai ...at last a happy poem :) :) :)...

  7. @ Sarah: thnx a lot dear ! Glad to see a comment from you :)

    @ Kankshita: Awe I'm so glad kankshita you took time of your hectic schedule and read this poem..your comment touched me :)

  8. @ nirvrithi: thank u di ! you can't imagine my joy seeing your comment :) And change takes time na...see it's finally happening !
    love you :)

  9. @ muskaan: thnx dear !

    @ sabrina: OMG...auroni that was quite a compliment but I have a long way to go...hoping to improve more and ty for the comment :)

    @ deepika: Glad you liked it dear :)

    @ rahul: thank u so much !

    @ rohan: yeah finally a happy one !!!

  10. hehe fatima....positivity....this is new+ refreshin n cool...loved it....

  11. @ vaisakhi: hey what's there to laugh in it huh ?
    I really wrote it myself :)
    thnx for liking it though !

  12. Hey Shab,
    you know i am not a big time poem lover
    but few of the beautiful writers made me to read and feel

    you are one of them
    Positive attitude in My Shab gives me a +sign
    life is more than the sadness
    and thats what you gave a message dear

    Sorry i am late but
    "Der aaye Durust aaye"

    All the best and do write more

  13. It makes perfect sense to me.. i cud perfectly connect to it...
    sometimes...bringing out the new YOU... is so very important..in order to live life happily ONCE AGAIN !
    I loved reading it !

  14. @ aardra: Yeah I know you not a poem fan...but I'm so glad you at least read mine :)

    Positive attitude..that's what I'm having currently..kitna -ve sochne ka ??

    Glad you liked it di...and thnx for the comment !!

  15. @ arundhati: Yep sometimes its more than necessary to rejuvenate in order to lead a normal life !

    Glad you liked it and also glad...I could write it in the first place !


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