Thursday, July 29, 2010

EUPHONY ( A Short Story )

" My thoughts are haywire and I'm wired...
And I'm unable to think straight...
Why me?? Is the question that escapes..."

            It was a peaceful day...the sun had started settling and the waves ruffled at the shore yet the sea looked calm and serene, they both sat facing the sea gazing the setting sun and reflecting their life. The wind blew aimlessly caressing her hair and adding a chill to the November evening, their heart beats were settled in the stillness of night and none of them spoke, it was the silence that conveyed their feelings. After what seemed like an eternity had passed she broke the silence....

          Life at times is so intricate that you ponder and question it, but what if it throws back the question back at you ? and you are left in silence....silence that haunts you and you feel like running away from it but the more you run, the more entangled you become.

        Sometime back my life too, was the same solitude is all that I wanted and that too for life; I had become a lifeless inner soul. I was happy in front but hide my self deep within myself; that's the time you walked in my life like an angel not like wind, I invited you unknowingly and you stepped into this chaotic world of mine only to clear the mess and enliven me once again.

        I always loved silence and calm as it gave me a sense of tranquility and solitude; it's just I kept it hidden under my talkative self though talking was inborn...spun lies around me myself, lies which were not meant for others but for my own self.

         You were so very different from others..weird is what they called you but for me you were different not weird! The way you envisaged things and formed convictions; you were a vagabond..a wanderer, you lived life on your own terms. You had your own notions yet you never cut my wings and let me fly high. Yes at that time I did criticize you and felt tied down despite all this but later came to realize I was not losing but gaining. During this course of time, I didn't know when this friendship changed to love; yes I fell in love with you and fought an inner battle but then was at peace....earlier I perceived you as my shadow; but now you are the sound of my heart and a part of my soul.

          I don't know what destiny has in store for me nor do I know whether the almighty has in woven us together or split us apart; but what I do know is my soul is entwined with yours and it will be till eternity.

         There is so much to share, so mush to tell but as I gaze into your deep brown eyes I'm lost again and I realize my eyes have given way to my untold feelings as I see your eyes shimmer and these speak the unsaid and understand the unexpressed !!

        Have I ever told you ?? that your eyes draw me to you; your voice compels me to talk to you..and your breath forces me to be silent and listen to the symphony that takes over my soul and enthralls me...your persona captivates me and I feel complete... 
A starry silence enveloped.....after what seemed like aeons she broke the silence...

         I know now the question looming over your mind .."why is she saying this all today and re confessing her feelings to me? and yet today why does she not take my name often and only seldom does my name escape her lips? why is the lone question ?" ........

Well today I break my bonds and confess this to as to why I never take your name...why I prefer calling you my "Soul Searched Friend", my "Soul mate", my "Heartbeat"...well I myself really don't know Mayank...I truly don't know why? (pause) but what I do know truly shine like a moon in my darkened nights and yet you provide me light and warmth in the morning; though your always not there; you fill that void by your words and unseen presence...(pause) my words are now lost and I can't give way to more...all I can expect from you is to understand your Nupur and free her from her own clutches...not by your words but by your mere presence and a smile. After what seemed like an eternity had elapsed...she spoke again.... 

   I'm not in a muddle nor am I sad...I also know maybe there'll never be a YOU and ME...but yet I'm happy and elated as there will always be a WE.
* Mayank means moon.
* There is no end to this os...I leave it to you readers to draw whatever conclusions you want to coz love is not always fulfilled nor's simply just love!
* Also these words all very dear to me...

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