Sunday, July 25, 2010

short poems by me.......

 Ah! these verses ....were written on a cool rainy day while the nature was in it's most pristine form !! And I was busy looking out of the window instead of concentrating on the lecture :)

Far off in the woods a shadow creeps…
The rhythm of heart beats in cacophony….
Rain drops trail through me….
Leaving me alone in melee…. 

My thoughts are haywire and I’m wired….
And I’m unable to think straight….
Why me?? Is the question that escapes…….
Birds are chirping far away in the woods,
And shadows are left far behind…..
The rhythm of heart reverberates loud…
But not a mere soul in sight… 

Words are engulfing me, and I’m drowning....
Oh! This passion has turned into an obsession....
and it's driving me crazy!



  1. Beautiful verse! Explores all the positive and negative flow of emotions!


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